WowWee’s Lite Sprites

WowWees_lite_spritesIn the bright and colorful world of magical sprites, toys spring to life that enchants little girls. Some of those sprites are known as WowWee’s Lite Sprites. They have a magical place that they call their own and that place goes by the name of Lite-Topia and everyone knows it’s quite an enchanted land just perfect for sprites.

These adorable little sprites have unique colors to them that they draw by using their magical wands. A long time ago in this magical land of Lite-Topia, there was beauty in the light all around as the four sprites used their wands to create the beauty by using color spells.
But in every single story where there’s good, there can be bad – and one sprite decides she doesn’t want to have the good life and instead decides to create havoc. Her name is Bleak and she’s part of the Wowwee Lite Sprite Bleak and Pod. This sprite has a more mischievous spirit than the other sprites and likes to take the color to create bleakness.

But there are good and special WowWee’s Lite Sprites who work to make Lite-Topia colorful again. Prisma is one of those sprites, and she’s vivacious and enjoys all of the beautiful, kind lights.

In her Wowwee Lite Sprite Wand with Prisma Sprite and Pod, your child will get 10 colors that come with it and the wand can also get color from another wand as well as from the world.

Among the sprites that appreciate the color and beauty is Astra. She’s the dreamer in the crowd and in the Wowwee Lite Sprite Astra and Pod set, your child will delight in Astra’s ability to add a special touch to the moon and stars.

Last among the sprites is Brooke and she can bring a unique color to water to the delight of all who see it. The wands that come with each of these sprites has the ability to capture light from other things and project it onto the playset.

For each of these little sprites, the Life Sprite is the place they call home within their land. Each of the pods from the sprites can connect to the Tree and it has balconies, stairs and an elevator so the sprites can freely move about. The tree also has gentle sounds and pretty lights.

Also in the WowWee’s Lite Sprites world is the Wowwee Lite Sprite Deluxe Waterfall Playset. This fun waterfall can tell the sprites apart and will react with the colors that are associated with each sprite.

It responds to the spells from the wands. The Wowwee Lite Sprite Deluxe Windmill Playset and the Wowwee Lite Sprite Deluxe Swingset Playset will also make a wonderful addition to your child’s sprite world of Lite-Topia.