WowWee Light Strike Laser Game Review

WowWee Light Strike



Not Just A Gift For Kids!

Need to come up with the perfect gift for the big kid in your life? WowWee Light Strike is a laser game that recreates computer games in real life. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just for kids: adults really love it too!

What Is WowWee Light Strike?


WowWee Light Strike is comparable to Laser Quest: it’s simply a laser battle where everyone’s equipped with a laser gun to shoot at the opposing team. To make this work, you’ll each need a Light Strike gun (there are a few to choose from) and an optional target vest to recognize when you’re shot. The game can be played one-on-one or with up to four teams each with an unlimited number of players.


A Guide To The Light Strike Accessories

If you want to surprise a special man in your life with the right Light Strike accessories, here’s a quick guide to what he will need:


Light Strike Target Vest: This vest will recognize each time you get hit by the laser, and keep track of how much life you have remaining.


Striker: This is like a pistol gun, and you can buy it in various colors to help you coordinate your teams better. It comes with interactive lights and sounds, a health meter and different modes.


Assault Striker: You can choose the Light Strike Assault Striker instead, which does have to be manually reloaded but also comes with the benefit of a number of additional accessories which will help you in any laser battle.


One of the benefits of the WowWee Light Strike game is the fact that you don’t actually need the target vest to play – the guns work as the targets otherwise. It all depends on how you want to play. The guns themselves also look generally cool!


The downside is the fact that it’s easy to re-spawn without the other team knowing. Good for cheating, yes, but not so good for keeping an accurate score of who has actually won the fight!


Does WowWee Light Strike Make A Good Gift?

Although this set of guns may be aimed at kids, there’s no doubting the fact that they’re hugely popular for men of any age. Even if you don’t have kids, you may know someone who this makes a perfect gift for. If you do have kids, even better! You can have fun playing with the whole family. Even better, a small set of guns is very affordable.