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Wipeout 2048

First announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Wipeout 2048 ranked amongst one of the most anticipated games that were detailed. Sony’s latest handheld – the Vita – is a great medium on which to establish one of Sony’s most successful franchises: the Wipeout series.  Wipeout 2048 is a racing game that is similar to the previous Wipeout games in the series. Set in the future, the fast- paced slides and turns translate amazingly to the PS Vita.


New Vita Controls Offer an Advantage


Now that Sony has added in a touch screen and touch pad to its arsenal of tricks, it has radically changed the way that quality games will be controlled on portable gaming systems. Wipeout 2048 really shows off all of the new features that Sony has packed into the Vita. The steering can be controlled with the directional pad and the new dual analog sticks. This allows the player a greater degree of control over movement and gives you fluid movement when racing.


Even for this futuristic racing game, Sony implemented some features that make use of the touch screen. Other touch screen gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS have failed to make good use of it in their racing games such as Mario Kart.


If the player presses on the bottom left corner then their vehicle will perform a absorb maneuver. If the bottom right is touched then that activates the ship’s weapon firing. The back touch panel is also useful. When the player taps the back of the unit, then it will activate the ships thrust to quickly fly around corners.


Voice and Motion Control


Cleverly for Wipeout 2048, Sony has also added in optional voice and motion controls. You can make turns in Wipeout 2048 with just the flick of the wrist using Sony’s built in SIXAXIS motion sensing technology. Being able to let go of the analog sticks and just turn from side to side to guide your ship is one of the best features in this game. Steering your speeding ship along those raceways instantly puts you closer to the space race action.


Even gun firing can be controlled by using voice commands as the unit has a built in microphone. The combination of fluid steering and being able to use voice commands to destroy enemy racers means that you can truly feel like the captain of a space ship.


Full Integration



Sony also designed this title with full integration in mind. They are making moves to create content that can be played with users that have both a Playstation 3 unit and the handheld. The Playstation 3 version of Wipeout HD can be played on the Vita! The major difference is that now handheld players can actually play against people that are playing on the PS3 system. This cross-platform compatibility is a revolutionary feature that has not been seen in the portable market anywhere else to this date.



Wipeout 2048 has gotten some seriously positive buzz from attendees on the E3 show floor that were lucky enough to experience this new way of controlling a video game early. The seamless integration with the PS3 version of Wipeout had heads turning as the handheld version looks just as vibrant. It looks like Sony may have a winner on their hands with this title.



Wipeout 2048