Why Green Toys Constructs its Trucks from Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Materials

Green Toys Trucks

green toys trucksKeeping kids safe is one of the big reasons why Green Toys is committed to constructing its trucks and other toys from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Although Green Toys are plastic, they are made of 100% recycled milk jugs and contain no BPA’s, phthalates, or PVC’s – dangerous chemicals which are known to be present in the toys made using standard manufacturing practices.

The Cost of Sustainability

One drawback of Green Toys is that they cost more than their mainstream competitors, but the truth is we always pay a lot for plastic toys it’s just that we don’t always pay in dollars and cents. Most of the time the real cost is paid by our little ones whose bodies have a hard time handling the toxins they come in to contact with when playing with cheaper plastic toys.

Green Toys offers concerned parents an alternative. All of their products, including their popular line of toy trucks, are constructed of sustainable, eco-friendly recycled and recyclable materials that are non-toxic. As a parent, I feel good about letting my kids play with Green Toys.GreenToysRecyclingTruck

Green Toys Dump Truck, Fire Truck & Recycling Truck

The Green Toys Dump Truck, Fire Truck and Recycling Truck are among their bestselling toys and for good reason. These classic toy trucks are designed in the traditional, chunky manner and are just the right size for small hands.


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Here are some of the pros and cons of these sturdy Green Toys trucks:


  • Made in the USA
  • Made of recycled and recyclable material
  • Solidly constructed
  • Non-toxic
  • Appealing, easy-on-the-eye colors
  • Imaginative play: One of the best things about this series of Green Toys trucks is that they encourage kids to use their imagination. The Dump Truck bed can be used to carry all sorts of small items from place to place, the Fire Truck ladders extend and rotate allowing for realistic play, and the back of the Recycling Truck opens so kids can put recyclables in the truck and then dump them out again.


The battery free trucks are the answer to my often whispered prayer for an engaging, yet quite toy. The trucks can be used both indoor and outdoor, and they hold up well to rough and tumble play.


  • Difficulty with wheels: For all of the praise of these great trucks, there is one issue that may or may not be a big deal – depending on your child. Although the wheels of these trucks move well when pushed along cement, asphalt, grass, sand, and carpet, they hesitate when on wood floors. For some kids, this is a non-issue and they play happily with the trucks regardless. For others, this is cause for concern or possibly even some frustration.

Even with the issue of wheels having difficulty moving on hardwoods, the Green Toys line of toy trucks is still a big hit with parents and kids.

The reasons why Green Toys is a favorite among those looking for quality eco-toys go beyond its use of recycled and recyclable materials. Parents know they can relax when their little ones play with Green Toys and not worry about the toy being subjected to a recall because of harmful chemicals.

Green Toys Trucks