Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Starter Kit, Natural, 0-3 Months

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Rest Devices Mimo Smart Infant Monitor Starter Kit, Natural

Mimo Smart Infant Monitor Starter Kit

The Mimo Smart Infant Monitor is designed for today’s new parents. It connects with your smart devices, it’s accessible from anywhere in the world, it’s shareable, it’s interactable, it’s safe for your baby, and it’s easy to use. Made with love in New England, the Mimo gives peace of mind to parents who seek insight about their baby that no other monitor can provide: a baby’s sleep activity, breathing pattern, body position, skin temp, and live audio, sent to your iPhone, iPad, or Android, and in real-time.

Clifford sleeping soundly in the Mimo An excited Clifford moving comfortably in the Mimo

Tracking your baby’s breathing, position, and sleep activity

The Mimo Smart Infant Monitor sends your baby’s sleep, body position, and breathing data in real-time to your smartphone or tablet. Sensors on the kimono pick up your baby’s breathing patterns, and the snap-on Turtle senses movement, body position, and skin temperature. The Turtle then sends all of that information via Bluetooth Low Energy to the Lilypad, which then relays that data and live audio through your home internet to your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Which means you get to check in on your baby from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Shareable across any device

We know many households have both Androids and iPhones. We also know how important it is to share information, especially about your baby, with your husband, wife, or caretaker. So when we set out to build Mimo, we knew we wanted to build robust iPhone, iPad, and Android apps that talked to each other and showed the same data. So regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you can see your baby’s Mimo data, and share it with whomever you choose.

Locally sourced and made

We’re proud to call Boston our home, and to say that the Mimo is made in New England. This allows us to keep a close eye on manufacturing, ensuring tight quality control and performance standards. This also allows us to insert innovations into our assembly processes, making production more efficient, and quality ultimately better. So you get the industry-leading smart baby monitor, all made in the USA.

Safe for your baby

We’ve done extensive testing to ensure the safety of the Mimo system. Soft organic cotton kimonos mean only the best material for your baby, and the respiration sensors sit on top of the fabric, ensuring that no sensor touches your baby’s skin. And the Turtle uses the lowest power Bluetooth available to send your baby’s data to the Lilypad, equivalent to having an audio monitor in the same room.

Optional accessory: Refill kimono kits

Doing too much laundry? Too many poops, and not enough kimonos? We hear you! Refill kimono kits are available as optional accessories, to expand your Mimo repertoire.

How the Mimo system works



Hear live audio of your baby directly from your iPhone or Android device See a live read-out of your baby’s sleep activity, body position, skin temp, and breathing pattern Customize position change notifications and track events such as feedings and diaper changes Share across any device – iPhone, iPad, or Android Made in New England Hear live audio and view real-time data about a baby’s breathing, sleep activity, body position, skin temp, all sent wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world