Lively Activity Sensors for Living Independently

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Introducing Lively

Connects Older Adults and Their Family – Easy to Setup and Use, No Contracts, No Home Internet Required

Lively respects the privacy of older adults in measuring healthy living patterns and giving family members a way to quickly realize when help may be needed. Taking medication on time? Eating regularly? Being as active as possible? When something is amiss, Lively notifies loved ones by email and text message.

Lively Overview

With Lively’s stylish hardware product, there are no video cameras, no motion sensors or special device to be worn; it’s not “big brother” monitoring with any devices pointed directly at you.

Lively activity sensors are applied to everyday household objects, like the refrigerator or one’s pillbox, to learn routines for medication, food and drink, getting out and more.

With automated notifications sent by email or text message, it then gives families a more respectful way to realize when something is amiss.

Setup only takes 5 minutes—plus no home internet connection is required to use it; wireless connectivity with built-in cellular that is provided.

Lively Features At-a-Glance

Easy-to-install Hub: Simply plugs in to install. Notifications by email or text: Recieve alerts and reminders when you need them. No contracts, no-hassle cancellation: Monthly subscription to use Lively is pay-as-you-go. Built-in cellular service: No home internet access or phone line required. Mobile access: Use Lively on-the-go. Activity sensors: Track and share your daily living routine. Two-way connection: Friends and family share details of their lives as well, uploading photos and messages that we turn into a LivelyGram. At-a-glance activity updates: Web login to check activity anytime. Customer support: Lifetime product and service support provided for active subscribers

What’s in the Box

Six activity sensors: medication (2), key fob (1), food & drink (2), custom (1) Power adaptor Quick Start Guides Sensor battery life: 15 months or more

Product Dimensions

Hub size: 3 3/4″ W x 4 1/8″ H Average sensor size: 1 1/2″ W x 1 7/16″ H




Built-in celluar service

How Lively Works

1. Learn

Activity sensors log the activity of an older adult’s daily routine. There’s nothing to wear and no video cameras.

Medication: Attach sensor to your pillbox to keep track of when you take your daily doses

Food & Drink Attach sensor to the refrigerator and other kitchen objects to infer when meals are prepared or consumed

Getting Out: Attach the sensor fob to your house keys to measure time typically spent away from home.

Custom: Attach sensor to a movable object that is part of your daily routine (e.g., bathroom door or favorite chair) to log more detail

2. Gather

Lively hub receives activity signals from the sensors. Daily events are compared with your normal routine and healthy preferences. Easy-to-install hub includes built-in cellular service. No internet connection required for ongoing use of Lively.

3. Share

Lively shares activity patterns and sends reminders when needed. Your family can see how you’re doing with a secure “at-a-glance” view on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You control who has access. You and your loved ones can receive alerts and reminders by email and text message. ca

Includes LivelyGram too!

Sharing is a Two-Way Street

Lively’s monthly subscription also includes LivelyGram, which delivers photos and messages submitted by family and friends “by the postal service” twice monthly to an older loved one. It’s easy to include any picture already saved on the computer or photos directly from social media accounts. Short messages and sweet hellos for LivelyGrams also can be submitted from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lively require an internet connection or extra phone line to use it?

Lively does not require Internet access, a new phone line or a cell phone at the location where it is installed. Additionally, activation does not need to occur at the time of the hub placement and sensor installation. For initial activation, access to the internet will be needed, however, you can set up the online portion either remotely or via a smartphone/tablet using your data connection. Family members also need online access to obtain their elder loved one’s daily activity pattern data.

How do the medication notifications work?

There are four types of settings that can be used for Medications, based on when they need to be taken: mornings & evenings, just mornings, just evenings and specific times of day/night.

Other notifications work like this:

Key fob marks when the user leaves and returns home. Notifications can be set to track routines that encourage older adult activity out of the house. Also, if the key fob does not register Leaving or Returning activity by 10pm local time, an alert will be sent to the user’s chosen Lively Circle members. Kitchen sensors track activity that infers the consumption of food and drink. Lively can be set up to send a notification by email or text message whenever there is a lack of activity over a certain time period, indicating that something may be amiss. The custom sensor can measure other activity that may comprise one’s daily routine, such as using the TV remote or visiting the bathroom. If the activity is less than a number specified during Routine Setup (e.g., at least once a day, at least twice a day, etc.), a notification will be sent.

Why does Lively require a monthly subscription?

Lively uses cell service to connect your system to our network in order to collect and share activity information with designated friends and family, which comprises part of our monthly use fee. A monthly subscription also is required to receive personalized notifications by email and text message. Plus, it includes LivelyGram mailings sent twice monthly to the older adult user.

I live in an area with poor cell reception. Will Lively work?

Lively’s built-in cellular service works in more than 95% of households. Should you experience any reception issues, you can take advantage of our 30-day return policy for a full refund.

How does Lively compare to LifeAlert and other emergency response devices?

Lively is not intended to monitor a critical medical condition system or trigger an emergency response. Its purpose is to provide family members with more insight into an elder loved one’s daily routine to promptly notice when something requiring your attention happens in order to personally respond. In essence, it strengthens the support system of an older adult with family members and friends who care about their health and well-being.

How do I invite friends and family to contribute to LivelyGram?

You can invite anyone to contribute to an elder loved one’s LivelyGram by inviting them to sign up via email. There’s no limit on the number of persons who can contribute!

Stylish, passive activity sensors for home use that enable older adults to measure and share healthy living patterns