LassoTag iBeacon – Black: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tracking Beacon making Valuables Smarter for iOS / iPhone / iPod / iPad.

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~Wouldn’t it be cool if~ Radius Alert Systems was founded on a question. Wouldn’t it be cool if my bag called my phone? My son walked away from his camera bag at the zoo. As he was telling me the story, he asked me if there was a way his camera bag could have called him when he walked away. The answer is YES! It only needs a technology upgrade.

~LassoTag iBeacons~ LassoTag is a combination of mobile software and the latest BlueTooth Low Energy (BTLE) iBeacon solutions for both the consumer and enterprise. It is high tech, easy to use, and integrates with the Smart phone. The LassoTag mobile software is designed to alert the Smart phone when the LassoTag iBeacon or other BTLE enabled device(s) are outside the radius of the user. This means when you walk away from your bag, coat, keys, purse, etc; LassoTag will call your phone. The LassoTag iBeacon is Apple iBeacon Certified in addition to FCC and CE. The design is small, durable and water resistant. It comes in 7 colors. Battery is Replaceable!

~LassoTag Mobile App~ Our team has built the industry leading consumer mobile software solution. The LassoTag Application allows the customization of the alerts; icons; and responses to fit the needs of the customer easily. We kept asking ourselves the question, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if…’ This led to the design of several cool features.

->A map that will drop a pin whenever your phone gets separated
->Cloud Services so you can find your valuables from any location
->Passive Server Tracking which securely tracks your LassoTag by crowd sourcing
->3 Tier notification via phone notification alert, text message, and phone call
->Hot/Cold Search & Rescue
->Temperature Gauge
->Battery Gauge
->Android in development (Coming Soon!!)The LassoTag iBeacon combined with the LassoTag App (Free in iTunes – can track up to 6 valuables (6 LassoTags Required); place on Bags, Coats, Purses, Keys, etc.