Lark Pro Sleep Monitor Silent Alarm Clock and Personal Sleep Coach

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Get better sleep

Join the revolution for better sleep health and control insomnia today. Lark Pro combines a scientific sleep monitor with our expert-based program to help you see results. 70% of users significantly improved their sleep within just one month.

Automate your sleep journal

Lark’s scientific sleep monitor uses actigraphy to track millions of micromovements during the night to tell how long and how well you sleep. Instantly see your sleep patterns every morning when you turn off your alarm.

Compare and track improvement over time, tag the factors that are affecting your sleep and get data you can easily share with your doctor.

Sleep coach in your pocket

Get a whole year of advanced 7-day assessments. See advanced data visualizations of your sleep patterns and get expert explanations of your problem areas.

Learn where you can improve and tips on how to get there. Set personalized targets and reminders to help you stick to it. Easily track your progress over time and see how you are improving.




Lark Pro Only Features

1-year unlimited access to expert 7-day assessments and sleep coaching Sleep type categorization based on your sleep patterns and body clock Advanced data visualizations to detect common patterns and trouble spots Expert explanations and how-to tips Personalized recommendation and sleep targets Reminders to help keep you on track

Lark Up Basic Features (Also Included in Lark Pro)

Accurate actigraphy-based sleep monitor Sleep pattern visualization instantly upon waking up Sleep data summary Simple to use sleep journal to track mood, sleep triggers and notes How you compare to your average and other benchmarks Reminders to help keep you on track Anytime data access, online or through iOS app Lark’s original silent and effective dynamic vibration alarm Alarm snooze and audio back-up alarm Soft, breathable and adjustable band for optimal pajama-like comfort Wireless Bluetooth connectivity works on iOS devices running 5.0 and higher Transform your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (3rd generation and higher) into a personal sleep solution with LARK, the first patent-pending silent un-alarm clock and sleep sensor