VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet

VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet

VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet
VTech InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi Learning App …

The VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet is perfect for any child between the ages of four and nine.  While your little one may eye your grown up tablet, you may be concerned about the durability of it.

But VTech has designed a tablet made just for kids.  You won’t have to worry about it getting damaged because it’s made to stand up to the wear and tear that kids can place on toys.  It has a built in bumper that protects it from impact.

And because this tablet is specifically designed with kids in mind, it’s full of features your child will love.  It comes preloaded with apps such as an mp3 player and art studio.  This allows your child to listen to music or to create art projects.

It also comes with a built in calculator, clock and address book.  In addition, you can purchase additional apps such as eBooks and games.  As a parent, you’ll love being able to check on your child’s progress with educational games.

The 5 inch screen is generous and has a full color display that will be loved by your child.  It operates as a touch screen so your child can use his fingers to operate the tablet just as adult tablets are operated.

In addition, the screen has a gravity sensor that will flip the view as the tablet is moved to different angles.  The display will always be right side up no matter which way your child holds it.

You’ll love the value of  the VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet.  For far less than you might pay for similar tablets, you can give your child a tablet that’s just right for her age and doesn’t wreck your budget.  You’ll simply need to add more apps as needed, but that expense is relatively minor.

Parents who have purchased this tablet enjoy that it’s ready to go right out of the box.  You don’t have to do much to set up the apps.  Instead, your child can get started playing with it right away.  This will make the holiday set up much easier for you as no assembly is required.


With this tablet your child will have hours of fun.  But you can also feel good because the tool is educational and can help him to develop important skills in reading, math, and critical thinking.  With the VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet, you’re giving a gift that’s fun and that will promote your child’s love of learning.

VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet