Triathlon Wetsuits

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Triathlon Wetsuits


Wetsuits for triathlons are sold as a traditional wetsuit or labelled as a tri-suit. They come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. We will cover a few of the more popular suits that are available today.

The Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Suit is a popular suit that sells well. This particular model comes in three different color choices of black/pink, black/blue and black/lime.

This women’s suit includes a built in bra and is very easy to slip on and off. It is made from Select Transfer fabric which allows your body to move freely making it a perfect garment for triathlons. The built in bra accommodates a B cup size so if you are larger you may wish to wear your regular bra as well.

The Select fabric allows for moisture transfer and chlorine resistance. Vent panels help to offer maximum ventilation. There is one small built in pocket and the suits are designed with visibility in mind for low light conditions.

Customers have stated that this is a very comfortable suit that comes down to just above the thighs and incorporates a plush elastic silicone leg gripper to prevent slipping. It does not rub or chaff while swimming or running and is easy to put on. Most customers recommend buying one size larger than what you normally wear.


The 5/3/2mm NeoSport Unisex Triathlon Sprint Full Suit Tri Suit Wetsuit is a good choice for men and incorporates long sleeves and three quarter legs. It also comes with a full warranty from the dealer.

Some of the features of this wetsuit include:

·         Speed skin neoprene material

·         Glued and sewn seams

·         Heavy duty back zipper

·         Quick-Exit EZ Out Zipper Pull

·         Mid calf leg opening

Triathlons have rules in place covering the type of wetsuits which are allowed to be worn. This particular suit meets the maximum thickness allowed. It offers maximum buoyancy and flexibility.

The chest panel offers 5mm neoprene which helps with floatation. Throughout the rest of the suite there is a blend of thickness ranging from 2mm to 3mm. What all of this does is provides flexibility in all the areas that you need the most.

The openings of this wetsuit are larger than other suits which allows for a greater range of motion. The EZ out zipper makes it quick and easy to make changes when required so that you lose the least amount of time as possible. Don’t forget that triathlons are a race where every second counts!

Customers have been very pleased with this wetsuit. It does take a little practise to learn how to put it on properly. Once you do however you will find out that it is very comfortable indeed. Customers are more than happy that they don’t lose movement and find that they can still swim as normal.

With most people wearing a wetsuit less than 10 times a year this suit should easily last for many, many years. For the price and the included full dealer warranty you really won’t find a better deal anywhere.

When purchasing a wetsuit you may want to order a slightly larger size than normal. Most customers have been happy when ordering one size larger. They say it is easier to get on and you feel less restricted while wearing the suit.

Don’t forget there are many styles of wetsuits available. If you are wearing one mainly for protection from the cold you may like to opt for a full suit for maximum coverage.

Triathlon Wetsuits