Tot Tutors Toy Organizer Review

The Tot Tutors Toy Organizer has been designed to help solve those storage problems for children’s toys that so many of us suffer with. The simple, colorful design is ideal for a child’s bedroom, and the plastic bins are tough and easily cleaned.


Features Of The Tot Tutors Toy Organizer

* Robust plastic bins,

* Sturdy frame with natural finish,

* Easy to clean,

* 4 tier organization system, great for storing all kinds of toys,

* Measurements: W34” x D11” x H31”,

* Suitable for children aged 3+.


Is The Tot Tutors Toy Organizer Worth Buying?

Every parent knows what a nightmare toy storage can be! Kids love to empty out whole toy boxes just to get to one toy, and enjoy leaving their toys all over the house instead of putting them away. The Tot Tutors Toy Organizer helps to overcome this problem. The separate bins that the organizer holds allow toys to be kept in a more organized fashion. Lego blocks can be separated from wooden blocks, dolls can be kept apart from beads, and so on.

By doing away with lids to the storage bins, children can see exactly what toys are in each box, without having to empty out a whole toy chest in search of one particular toy. This can be a real time saver for parents who don’t have to spend time tidying up all the unused toys at the end of a play session. Some users report that the bins are a little on the small side, however, making them unsuitable for some larger toys such as realistic baby dolls, or large toy trucks.

The Tot Tutors Toy Organizer does require some home assembly, but it’s nothing too taxing and can be easily put together within 15 minutes. As a safety measure, the organizer comes with an anchor strap for securing to a wall. This prevents a child from pulling the organizer over on top of itself. However, beware that this product is not recommended for children under 3 years of age due to small parts posing a choking hazard.

Different colors are available for parents who don’t want a mix of primary colors in their home. This makes it particularly useful if intended for storage in the living room, where style may be of more importance than in your child’s playroom.

Over all, this product is well designed, being tough, easy to clean and making toy organization much easier. If you’re looking for an alternative way to store your child’s toy, you could do much worse than this.