Top Tips To Save Money This Christmas

Top Tips To Save Money This Christmas

Make this 2016 Christmas the most memorable and enjoyable holiday without the financial stress and craziness. Remember what the Christmas season is all about! Make this year’s holidays memorable by focusing on spending time with your family and friends, not scrambling to buy them more things they may not even want or use.

DIY Christams Tree

DIY Christams tree idea

Would you consider making your own Christmas tree? This is a good idea not only to save money or to preserve live trees but also a great option for tight spaces like apartments. Whatever is your reason I think this is something to think about it. I did use this idea once before when traveling. We didn’t have money to spend on regular Xmas tree, so we used a huge branch from the tree and decorated it with whatever we’ve had available at that time. It was hanging on our apartment wall thru out the Christmas and my kids loved it.


Frugal Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Frugal Stocking Stuffer Ideas To use This Christmas
You know you can create unexpensive stocking stuffers? Check these 30 ideas by clicking on the link below and create your own frugal stocking stuffers.


DIY Christmas Gifts

Spread holiday cheer with the simple handmade gifts.
Use your skills and talents to create simple gifts for your family and friends. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. If you are good at baking, give cookies or other backed goods as presents. If you’re good with sewing create simple, useful gifts anybody need and can use.

Skip The Gifts Altogether This Year

Skip the gift buying altogether this year
After all, Christmas is not about gifts. Yes, you will save money but also a lot of time you need to spend shopping for these gifts. Instead, spend this extra time with your family, friends, celebrate the holiday. You may feel sorry about it at first but try to look at this as a great, new tradition you just started. Be honest with your family and friends and tell them not to buy you any presents because they won’t get any from you either. It’s not easy to start new. You will always have these who like the idea and these who hate it. But do it anyway…You can have a frugal Christmas that’s enjoyable and full of everything the season is about.


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