SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press

The SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press brings a new and refreshing concept to the world of ironing. If you’re tired of taking out the iron and ironing board every time you have to de-wrinkle something, you’re not alone. The SteamFast Steam Press works much faster than an iron thanks to its large surface area. It delivers 1300-watts of power and includes a handful of practical accessories such as an ironing pad cover, spray bottle and presser pad. The steam press also features a generous 10-ounce water tank, multiple temperature settings for various fabrics and steam burst buttons that are located conveniently on the sides of the handle. The automatic shut-off and beeping alerts give the steam press an added sense of safety. The purchase carries a limited one-year manufacture warranty.

SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press Specifications:

Average Price: $249.00
Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 10 inches; 19.8 pounds
Power: 1300-watts
Warranty: Limited one-year
Includes: Spray bottle, washable presser pad, ironing pad cover and funnel
Features: 10-ounce water tank, die-cast aluminum base, adjustable temperature settings, more surface area than traditional iron, steam burst buttons, automatic shut-off


What’s So Great About the SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press?

Professional Results: If you’re tired of dragging your clothes back and forth to the cleaners, you’ll have a true appreciation for the SteamFast Table Top Steam Press. This steam press does a professional job by not only removing stubborn wrinkles from fabrics but also leaving behind the signature pressings that dry cleaners are known for. The money you’ll save on dry cleaning trips will offset the cost of the purchase over time, and you’ll have the peace of mind that you can freshly iron your clothes at your convenience. With 1300-watts of power, various steam bursts and a pressing surface that is seven times larger than a traditional iron, you can see why the SteamFast delivers professional performance.

Time-Saving: These days, any appliance that saves time is worth looking into. The SteamFast Table Top Steam Press does just that. It eliminates the need for an iron and ironing board and saves you countless trips to the cleaners. Plus, it works quickly and efficiently to remove wrinkles and creases from work suits, uniforms and denim. All of these factors add up to less time and less frustration. The steam press also heats up and cools down quickly while delivering powerful bursts of steam.

Thoughtful Design: If you’re looking for an alternative to ironing that will leave you with the same results in half the time, the SteamFast Steam Press is it. Not only does it have a smart design, but also it includes a range of features that make it especially practical for everyday people. There is an automatic shut-off that turns the steam press off, and the appliance will alert you if it has been left in idle mode too long. The steam press will also beep when it has pressed the fabric long enough, avoiding the risk of burns. The water tank holds 10-ounces of water for fewer refills, and there are bursts of steam that can be triggered on both sides of the handle for comfortable steaming. The base is constructed of die-cast aluminum for added stability without weighing down the steamer. In fact, the appliance is portable and much less of a hassle than a traditional ironing board.

What’s Not So Great About the SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press?

Requires Practice: The SteamFast Table Top Steam Press is a new concept for many, so if you’ve never used a product like this before, you’ll have to practice. It’s different than a standard iron because there is a much larger surface to work with. Therefore, it’s important to spend time on one side of the garment instead of continually flipping it over. As long as you don’t mind putting in the time to acquire these new skills, you’ll find the steam press to be a smart purchase. But if you’re looking for a product that will be easy to use right off the bat, you may find yourself frustrated with this new process. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Small Surface: Even though the steam press offers an ironing surface that is seven times larger than a traditional iron, many reviewers still found the surface to be rather small. In fact, some people feel that the steam press is suitable for children’s clothes only and not adult-sized clothing. This, however, is an exaggeration. By looking closely at the photo, it is apparent that the board is rather small compared to an ironing board. Yet this is the part that requires careful practice so that you minimize the risk of creating wrinkles on the parts of the clothing that are not being steamed. If you are going to be ironing heavier suits and men’s clothing, you may have to upgrade to a steamer with a larger surface. However, most clothes have no problem with the more petite surface; all it takes is some practice.

Is the SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press a Great Purchase?

The SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press has made many people fall in love with ironing again. It’s a great purchase for those who make regular trips to the dry cleaners, but there are some things to be aware of. For example, the steam press takes practice, and reviewers recommend doing a few dry runs with the heat turned off to get used to using the appliance. As long as you’re open to learning a new way to iron, you’ll find the steam press to be everything that it promises. It’s fast, efficient and more enjoyable than ironing. With its versatility, you’ll find the steam press to be a practical solution for all fabrics. If you want to save time and effort without compromising the look of freshly pressed clothes, the SteamFast Steam Press is an appliance you will value.