Sphero Robotic Ball Review

Sphero Robotic Ball – iOS and Androi…

The Sphero Robotic Ball looks like a cue ball from a set of billiard balls, but its cute logo gives it away as being something more. For those of you who enjoy unique gadgets and own a smartphone or computer tablet, this might be the perfect accessory. Find out if this simple, yet fun toy is right for you.


Key Features of the Sphero Robotic Ball


* Works with any Apple or Android phone or tablet,

* Over one hour of battery time,

* Rechargeable,

* Play along with downloadable games,

* Customizable internal colors,

* Waterproof.

 What is Sphero Robotic Ball?

The Sphero Robotic Ball is ball is basically a remote controlled sphere that can only

go in a forward direction. Try imagining driving a remote control car and not being

able to go in reverse to back up or make a tighter turn. If you do not own an

iPhone, iPad, later generation iPod or Android device, you will have no way of

controlling it. With that being said, the general opinions of this toy seem to be

split 50/50.


The buyers that enjoyed the Sphero Robotic Ball really liked the games and apps

that go along with it and a lot of pet owners claimed that they enjoyed watching

their pets try and chase down this little ball probably more than the pets enjoyed

the actual chasing. There is an app that allows you to record your pets while they

try and trap the robot, and then later post them online. Another interesting

feature the Sphero Robotic Ball offers is that it can be controlled in water as well;

unlike most remote controlled vehicles that would son meet their demise after

being submerged.


One of the main complaints is the Sphero Robotic Ball hefty price tag. This simple

toy starts out at around $150 plus shipping. For such a simple toy, a lot of buyers

would have rather had a real remote control vehicle. Many people also complained

about the maneuverability and the fact that the ball could not even hold the

attention of most young children. The company says the battery lasts over an hour

but quite a few consumers stated that they could only get 30 minutes or less game

time out of the toy and some also said that the charger did not work on more than

one occasion.


The bottom line is that if you have $150 extra laying around, you might want to

try the Sphero Robotic Ball. If not, for less than $90 you can still get a nice remote

controlled car.