Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw

Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw

The Skil 5-1/2-inch Circular Saw will be your new favorite addition to your tool box. It weighs in at a mere 6 ½ pounds, making it easy to carry around to all of your contracting jobs or DIY home improvement projects. The best part is that Skil didn’t sacrifice any power when designing the small size of the circular saw, so you can expect it to operate just like the beefy 7-1/4-inch circular saws on the market.


The lightweight design means less user fatigue for you, so you can continue working the whole day through without your arms and shoulders feeling tired. The left-blade design of the saw offers excellent visibility for right-hand users, and the markings are clear and easy to read. All of these advantages lead to better user control, as well as perfected precision and accuracy when making cuts.


Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Specifications:


Average Price: $200.00

Product Dimensions: 12.1 x 9.2 x 8 inches; 8 pounds

Warranty: Two-year limited

Features: Portable, zero adjust foot plate, 6.5 amps power, left side blade, precision cut helical gears

Capacity: 1-3/4-inch cutting depth at 90 degrees, 1-5/16-inch at 45 degrees

Includes: Saw, blade wrench, combination blade


What’s So Great About the Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw?


Lightweight: Circular saws are known for being big, bulky and heavy, but the Skil 5-1/2-inch Circular Saw is in a whole different class. It features petite dimensions and weighs in at only 6-1/2 pounds, feeling almost like a toy when you first pick it up. The lightweight nature of the circular saw makes it especially comfortable to hold, and it won’t ever wear on your shoulders or arms. For contractors who are up and down ladders all day or working on scaffolds, the saw will especially be a joy to use.


Line of Visibility: Cutting with the Skil 5-1/2 Circular Saw will add to your confidence when sawing through wood. Because the blade is on the left hand side, you’ll have a clear line of visibility. Plus, the lines and markings are easy to see and easy to read, so you can make your cuts with the utmost precision and accuracy. Even though you won’t have the same line of sight being a left-handed user, you can still operate this circular saw with ease, thanks to the smart inline design.


Effortless Sawing: Don’t underestimate the power of this saw when you see the petite size. No power was sacrificed to get down to the smaller size, which you’ll notice when you start cutting through thick pieces of lumbar. Current owners say that the saw cuts “like butter” or “like a fish through water”. You can just imagine how the blade glides through 2x4s with little effort, comparing to the same power that’s packed into the bigger tools.


Practical: Because of the lightweight size of this 5-1/2-inch circular saw, you’ll find it to be the first tool you grab for. Most current owners have replaced their 7-1/4-inch saw because the Skil offers better functionality. It’s portable, lightweight and easy to carry around, plus is great for jobs where you’re working on elevated surfaces and need to climb ladders. And because you’ll experience less fatigue, you have better control and precision, plus are safer than lugging around a big, beefy tool. As long as you stick to cutting through materials that aren’t thicker than 1 1/2-inches, you’ll love the practicality of this circular saw.


What’s Not So Great About the Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw?


Smaller Capacity: Because of the smaller size of the saw, you’ll get a slightly smaller capacity than with the larger counterparts. This is a small price to pay for someone that wants the convenience of a lightweight saw, but it is something to be considered for certain jobs. And because the motor hangs off to the right, you’ll only get a maximum depth of about one-inch. Furthermore, this saw is ideal for jobs where you’ll be cutting through materials less than 1-½-inches thick.


Limited Blade Selection: There isn’t a huge selection of blades for this saw, so you may have difficulty finding what you need. Some users found 5-½-inch carbide tipped blades for under $10 at their local hardware store, while others could only find the blades on the internet. Nevertheless, the selection is still limited compared to a 7-1/4-inch circular saw, plus this Skil has a 1/2-inch arbor. You can always count on the Skil 18-tooth carbide tipped blade that offers great power and precision.


No Case or Storage: If you like to get a few neat accessories with your purchase, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the Skil circular saw doesn’t have any. There is no place to keep the blade wrench, so some users have had to tape it to the side of the tool. There is no case either, which should be included since the saw is a precision tool.


Is the Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw a Great Purchase?


For those that are tired of lugging around a heavy 7-¼-inch circular saw, the Skil 5-1/2-inch Circular Saw is a smart purchase. The 6 ½ pound weight of the saw makes it comfortable and easy to carry around, especially for those that are up on scaffolds and ladders all day. Really, the saw is a joy to use and one that you’ll be reaching for when you would have had to take out the big 7-1/4-inch circular saw instead. With the left-blade design, right-hand users get an excellent line of visibility, and you can expect that this little powerhouse will cut through materials that are less than 1-½-inches thick with no effort. Even better is that this functional saw is affordable, so it’s a practical investment for your tool box.



Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw