SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press

SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press

Do you bring your clothes to the cleaners to be professionally ironed? Chances are, you’re tired of dragging your clothes back and forth and are looking for a smart alternative that will save you time, money and effort. The Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam Press is the solution you’ve been waiting for as this small appliance will leave your clothes with that freshly pressed look and feel. With a large surface area of 24 x 9 inches, this steam press is 14 times larger than a conventional iron. It reduces the time spent ironing by 50 percent and works with all types of fabrics. The steam press also carries an automatic shut-off feature, lockable handle and temperature-ready indicator for added safety.

SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press Specifications:

Average Price: $369.00
Dimensions: 13 x 24 x 12 inches; 22 pounds
Surface Area: 24 x 9 inches
Warranty: Limited one-year
Settings: Nylon, silk, wool, cotton, linen
Features: Temperature-ready indicator, automatic shut-off, lockable handle, 100 pounds of pressure, no steam or electronically pumped variable steam options
Includes: Measuring cup, spray bottle, pressing cushion, washable pad cover, instruction book


What’s So Great About the SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press?

Steam Options: The Magic Steam Press leaves users with two options: no steam and electronically pumped variable steam. With the no steam setting, the steam press works as a dry press and is ideal for delicate fabrics. The second option, variable steam, produces a powerful burst of steam that covers the entire pressing area. With this setting, all corners of the garment receive steam so that wrinkles are removed, unlike other steam presses that cause more wrinkling on the parts of the clothing that are not being pressed.

Large Surface Area: The Magic Steam Press sports a generous pressing surface that measures out at 24 x 9 inches, much larger than most steam presses and 14 times larger than a conventional iron. A large surface area makes pressing clothes faster and more efficient. Not only can you get more done in less time, but also the large pressing surface makes it easy to iron out large items like bed linens and draperies. Expect to save yourself 50 percent more time than what it would have taken you to iron out your clothes and upholstery.

Efficient: The large surface area coupled with the powerful bursts of steam is what makes the Magic Steam Press, well, magic. This small appliance is very efficient at what it does, getting pressing tasks completed to perfection in half the time. But there is another feature that adds to the efficiency of this machine: the pressure. With a simple lowering of the handle using your finger, you can exert 100 pounds of pressure at one time. Sure, this immediate force removes plenty of wrinkles at once, but it also works through several layers so that you can skip right over the tedious task of steaming each layer of clothing.

Safety Features: Whether you’re a forgetful singleton or live in a busy home with kids and pets, having a safe steam press is a must. Thankfully, the Magic Steam Press has a range of safety features that will bring you peace of mind. First, the automatic shut-off feature will turn the unit off after 15 minutes if the handle is left up and after 10 seconds if the handle is left down. The handle can be locked so that you can easily store the steam press in an upright position without worrying about it turning on. Finally, an alarm will sound after ten seconds if a garment is left on the steam press, avoiding the risk that the fabric will be exposed to too much heat.

What’s Not So Great About the SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press?

Alarm: Although the alarm that sounds after ten seconds is a nice concept to avoid fabrics from being steamed for too long, the alarm can get annoying after time. Many reviewers hoped that the Magic Steam Press would come with an on/off switch for this alarm since it will continue to sound every ten seconds if you leave the clothes on the press. If you will be bothered by this alarm, be sure to lift the press before the ten second mark to avoid the noise. Hopefully, a newer model of the Magic Steam Press will include an on/off switch for this feature.

Hot Plate: There have been a handful of reviewers that have been faced with burns from the steam press. First and foremost, you must learn how to use a steam press in order to get the best results and to reduce your chances of burning your fingers. Nevertheless, the design of the Magic Steam Press wasn’t exactly well thought out, so you may find yourself more prone to burns than with other steam presses. The space between the top and bottom of the steam press are located very close together, so it’s not uncommon for the tips of the fingers to get burned if you’re not extremely careful. If the top of the press was raised another inch or so, this problem could be avoided.

Is the SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press a Great Purchase?

The Singer ESP-2 Magic Steam Press is definitely a good luck charm for those who are tired of ironing out their clothes for hours at a time. Instead of laundry being a full-day project, you can now accomplish what you need to in half the time. The steam press has a generous surface area and plenty of steam so that even the most stubborn wrinkles are removed. Best of all, the steam press can be used on all fabrics and upholstery, making it a versatile tool in the home. You will have to practice with this product in order to “get it right” without burning yourself or causing more wrinkles in your clothes. But once you take the time to learn, you’ll find that the Magic Steam Press lives up to its magic image.

SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press