Review of GMC Denali Pro Road Bike (56cm Frame)

GMC Denali Pro Road Bike

When looking for a good bike to use in a triathlon race there are several things you want to keep in mind. First look for a solid bike that is either a road bike or a mountain bike. It is possible to purchase a Triathlon Bike but these are often priced very high and out of most people’s reach.

A road bike is considered to be more aerodynamic than a mountain bike so this is something to take into considerations as well.

The GMC Denali Pro Road bike is a good fit for anyone just starting out in triathlon racing. It is a high quality road bike with a light aluminum frame, making it easy to transport. This bike provides riders with a stiff but responsive ride and can be compared to the Denali LTD. The bike weighs about 27 lbs once assembled.

The nice thing about this bike is that it is well suited for taller people, the recommended height range is for those between 5ft 9” and 6ft 1”. The height when standing over the bike is 31.5 inches.


The Denali Pro features 16 gears featured on a Microshift drivetrain with integrated brakes and shift levers. The dual pivot brake system allows riders to literally stop on a dime. One important note is that hardly any other bikes in this price range will have this type of integrated shifting system. It is normally reserved for much higher priced models.

The bike rims are constructed from aluminum and the tires measure 700c x 25. The spokes are made from stainless steel.

Customers have been happy with their purchase of this GMC Denali Pro road bike. Many people had visited their local bike stores and found the cheapest good quality road bike to be priced around the $600 mark.

If you intend on using this bike for serious riding it is well worth the effort to take it to a professional bike store to have it fitted correctly. Doing this will make all the difference and allow you to get the most out of this bike.

One thing that most customers did note was that the stock saddle was not that comfortable. This was often one of the first things that got upgraded.

The bike comes delivered in a well wrapped box and customers have stated that there is less to assemble than they would have thought which is a good thing.

Overall the GMC Denali Pro road bike is an excellent choice for anyone just starting out with road riding. It makes for an excellent choice for a triathlon as well as for anyone who wants to log some miles for general health and exercise.

GMC Denali Pro Road Bike