Resistance Burning Skies Game

Resistance Burning Skies

When it comes to first person shooters on next generation consoles, it is hard to beat the game play offered by the Resistance franchise. While an earlier Resistance game was released for the PlayStation Portable, it featured a third-person perspective and was plagued with control issues. With the release of the PS Vita, the Resistance franchise is back in handheld territory and hoping to fix its previous mistakes. Thankfully, Resistance: Burning Skies succeeds in providing a true handheld first person shooter experience in every way that the previous version failed.


The Joys of Dual Analog Control Sticks


With the introduction of a second dual analog control stick on the PS Vita, you can enjoy the familiar controls of most console first person shooters. Aiming is performed with one stick while the other is used to control player movement. This allows for fluid strafing and strategic movements throughout the battles and levels provided.


Using the Touch Screens and Six-Axis Controls


Resistance’s famous cover system takes advantage of Six-Axis motion sensing to provide a seamless way to duck in and out of cover while navigating the endless fields of Chimera. Virtual buttons near the right analog stick provide easy access to melee weapons and grenades for fluid game play and easy access in the heat of battle.


This makes lobbing a grenade at the oncoming horde as simple as tapping the button and choosing where you want the grenade to be thrown. Holding the grenade for a moment will allow you to cook the grenade for greater control over where the grenade detonates. The touch screen is also used to trigger the secondary functions of many weapons, such as the detonating tags on the Six Eye sniper rifle.


Another familiar function that makes a transition to touch screen controls is the weapon wheel. Simply hold down the face button to bring up the wheel and tap the weapon you want to use. This makes it easy to change weapons in the middle of battle and keep bringing the battle to the Chimera invaders.


Performance and Visuals


The Resistance franchise has raised the bar when it comes to pace and aesthetics in the first person shooter genre. Resistance: Burning Skies is no exception. The OLED display on the PS Vita provides stunning visuals and impeccable detail with smooth frame rates. This allows the game to maintain the fast-paced intensity and immersive environments for which the franchise is known. From start to finish, the game looks, feels, plays and sounds like a console game. With the power and control methods offered on the PS Vita, first person shooting enthusiasts can finally enjoy everything they love about the genre with the convenience of a handheld.


Resistance Burning Skies