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Reality Fighters

Sony’s new handheld gaming unit, called the PS Vita, has quite a few new interesting features. One of the major features that they are showing off is the inclusion of a front and rear camera on the unit so that the gamer can become more immersed within the game. One of Sony’s latest feats – “Reality Fighters” – makes use of this feature more than any other game on the Vita.


The Front Camera


The front camera allows you to scan your face right into the game. The software captures an area around your face and alters it so that it will fit onto the 3D model of the character fighting in the game. Having a gaming version of yourself in a game is something that looks set to be part of the future of gaming experiences.


This process happens extremely fast on the Vita and, in a few moments, you will be staring back at yourself. Once the scan of the face is in and the character is made, then the player can customize just about every aspect of their on screen persona. The weight, height, hair, clothing, and numerous other options are at the player’s disposal and so you can make a character that looks exactly like you.


Fully Customizable


There are at least three hundred different customizable articles of clothing to choose from and twenty different weapons that can be unlocked throughout the game. The fact that the PS Vita is extremely internet friendly means that more content can be added by simple download.


The Rear Camera


While some of this has been around for some time on the latest generation of portable gaming devices, what really sets Reality Fighters for the PS Vita apart from the rest is that it makes use of the PS Vita’s rear facing camera to create fight scenes based on the surroundings of the player. So if you’re in the subway, then the background to the fighting match will be the subway where you’re at. If the player is out at the mall, then the people passing by will become a part of the game. If you’re sitting in bed playing at night, then the characters that you’re playing with will be fighting on your bed sheets. All of this happens in real time without causing any delays in the games processing ability.


The End of Button Bashing



Obviously the Vita’s controls that consist of the front and rear-facing touch elements can be used as shortcuts to do all of those fun special moves that we all love to do in fighting games. It means that fighting on the Vita will no longer be about button-bashing until your fingers hurt. It will be more about precision, style and skill – something that was badly needed in fighting games. Luckily, the design of the PS Vita offers such an enjoyable experience.



Reality Fighters