PS Vita vs Smart Phone Apps

PS Vita Vs Smart Phone Apps

While portable gaming used to require a specialized device, increases in the performance of smart phones have allowed them to compete with dedicated handheld gaming devices. With their advanced graphics, convenient accessibility and affordable prices, smart phones are taking the portable gaming market by storm. Sony’s latest portable handheld device, the PlayStation Vita, is hoping to wrestle market domination back to dedicated devices by providing a more comfortable, in-depth and immersive mobile gaming experience.




While many smart phones are capable of displaying the resolutions and colors provided by the PS Vita, the games available are often not as complex. This is because most smart phone games do not have the support of major production studios and design teams. If you are looking for console quality graphics and games, the PS Vita is as close as the handheld market currently offers.


Game Selection


Due to its recent release date, the game library for the PS Vita is smaller than that of many smart phone app stores. However, with full compatibility for PSOne Classics, PS Minis, PS Vita Apps and a growing line-up of PS Vita games, there is plenty of games to choose from already. The game selection for the PS Vita is also more varied. If you are looking for complex gaming with intricate plot lines and elaborate game design, your options in the smart phone market are extremely limited.




With its dual analog control sticks, front and back touch screens, directional pad and numerous buttons on the face and shoulders of the device, the PS Vita provides more options for tactile controls and feedback. While smart phones often emulate these controls on touch screen displays, the feel just is not the same in most cases. With the Six-Axis motion sensing included in the PS Vita, smart phones lose any real advantages or unique features that might have existed.




Many of the comparisons to be made in this category depend on personal factors. Two of the biggest factors to consider are whether you already own a gaming-capable smart phone and what type of games you like to play. If you already own a gaming-capable smart phone and prefer casual games, mobile gaming on your smart phone would likely be more cost efficient.


However, with the price of modern smart phones, if you do not own either device and cannot obtain a contract price on a phone, the price of either a smart phone or a PS Vita will be similar. While PS Vita games cost more than most smart phone games, the level of detail, hours of gaming and overall quality of the product is also higher. Smart phone games provide some of these features. However, they are often designed with casual gamers in mind and might not satisfy the wants of many gaming enthusiasts.


PS Vita Vs Smart Phone Apps