Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat

Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat

Bring your gaming to the next level with the Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat. This comfortable gaming seat has adjustable features and the utmost comfort that makes each game a thrilling adventure. The steering wheel is customizable, the seat is made from the best fabrics and the adjustability of the seat and pedals keep it comfortable for everyone.

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Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat

Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat Specifications:

Average Price: $599.99
Product Dimensions: 51 x 20 x 35 inches; 45.3 pounds
Size: Fits up to a 42-inch waist
Recommended Driver Length: 47 inches minimum, 87 inches maximum
Maximum User Weight: 250 pounds
Compatible With: Playstation2, Playstation3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii gaming consoles, PCs


What’s So Great About the Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat?

Realistic: If you want the ultimate gaming experience, this seat has it all. Designed after a race car seat that is featured in World Rally Championship rally cars, it includes head stabilizers, an extra strong and lightweight racing seat, high-profile side bolsters and removable seat back and base cushions. The seat also features a quick release handle for adjustment of the gas, clots and brake pedal set.

Quality: Not only does this gaming seat sport a realistic design, but also it is made from the highest quality materials. The seat is fully upholstered in Alcantara Suede fabric and has the official WRC logo and synthetic leather reinforcements that are placed in high-wear areas to protect the seat. The steel frame is strong and durable without compromising the weight. High-tension springs, side bolsters made from high-density foam and an oval steel tubing mechanism adds to the quality of the design.

Compatibility: There’s no doubt that the World Rally Championship Gaming Seat is an investment, but it is one that can be used across gaming consoles. The seat is also compatible with most electronic steering wheel and pedal sets on the market as the seat does not include a steering wheel, foot pedals or controllers. No matter which brand of accessories you choose to purchase, you can expect a thrilling gaming experience across the board.

Comfort: You may find yourself sitting in this gaming seat even when you’re not playing a game – that’s just how comfortable it is. The pedals and driver position are fully adjustable, making it easy to find that perfect point of comfort. The side bolsters are made from high-density foam, while synthetic leather and suede fabric keep the seat cool and comfortable. The frame is super lightweight even though it’s made from powder coated steel, and a patented foldable system allows the gaming seat to fold up compactly.


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What’s Not So Great About the Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat?

Cables: If you don’t like cables coming out of your electronic equipment, this playseat will take some getting used to. When you first open the box, there are cables that need to be connected from the steering wheel to the gaming console, the pedals, the shifter and a power brick. This not only makes for a sore sight, but also be a pain to set up. Some owners have suggested using zip ties to keep the cables neat and separated, so this inexpensive option may do the trick for you.

Shift: The shift can be a bit difficult to operate, as the faster you go, the more resistance it applies. When this happens, it’s challenging to hold the wheel straight and accomplish the route that you’re aiming for. This force generally doesn’t become problem until you’re driving at speeds over 100mph and may just take a bit of getting used to depending on the user, as well as the gaming console. The good news is that the wheel works right out of the box, and with so many customizable options on the steering wheel, you can find a fit that’s most comfortable.

Expensive: The World Rally Championship Gaming Seat is definitely an investment, although this hasn’t been much of an issue across gamers. That being said, the gaming seat still comes at a high cost and is very similar to the previous model. Comfort and accessibility have been added to the new model, but other parts such as lack of wireless components should have been included with this newer seat for the cost.

Is the Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat a Great Purchase?

If you’re an avid gamer who wants a true-to-life gaming experience, the Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat is definitely for you. It offers exceptional game play, extreme durability and integrated features that put you in the heart of the game. There’s no doubt that your home will become the go-to place for gaming, and the durability of the seat will far outlast all of your friends as they race to the finish line.


Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat