Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-Up Light Review

Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-Up Light

Christmas Gift Idea For Women


Wake-up lights are designed to help anyone who often wakes up feeling groggy, or finds it hard to get out of bed. They come with very bright lamps designed to replicate sunlight, helping to fool your body into thinking you’re waking up with the sun by gradually increasing the light levels over a period of 30 minutes until your alarm is due to go off. These lamps are perfect in winter and make an excellent Christmas gift for women.


Features Of The Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-Up Light


Some of the main features of this light:

* Gradual light replicates the sun,
* Clinical tests show that it helps make waking up easy,
* Can either choose the FM radio or two different wake-up sounds as your alarm,
* UV-free and safe to use,
* 20 brightness settings let you use it as a reading lamp,
* Snooze function on the alarm,
* User replaceable bulb,
* Can see results from as little as 15-45 minutes use every day,
* 45 day guarantee.


Benefits Of The Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-Up Light


Using wake-up lights isn’t just about practicality: you also want the design of the light to fit in well with the décor in your bedroom. The design on the Phillips wake-up light is very understated, which is a good thing and means it won’t stand out too much. All of the control buttons are nicely blended in with the overall casing to keep things looking sleek.


One of the great things about this wake-up light is the number of modes that come with it. You don’t just want to use it for waking up – you also want to be able to use it for going to sleep or for reading in bed. The controls mean you can do just that. If you want to fall asleep as the light gradually gets darker, you can do that too.


When used as a wake-up light, you can choose to turn the alarm on alongside the gradually increasing light levels. The light itself is bound to wake you up if it’s usually dark outside at that time of day, but the alarm helps to make sure. You can keep things as natural as possible by choosing a cheeping bird sound, or you can stick to the standard alarm beep if you prefer.


Drawbacks Of The Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-Up Light


Many people are hesitant to purchase the Philips Hf3470/60 after finding out that the bulbs weren’t replaceable in previous Philips models. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the Hf3470/60. You should expect the bulb to last a good many months – even when you also use it as a reading lamp – and when it does eventually go out, there are clear instructions for having it replaced.


To spend almost $100 on an alarm clock/ light/ radio is going to be a shock to many people. That said, this wake-up light does do many functions that you’d normally need separate gadgets to reproduce. Not to mention the fact that the wake-up light needs to get a lot brighter than your standard reading light. As far as wake-up lights go, the Philips Hf3470/60 is actually pretty affordable.


Is The Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-Up Light Worth Buying?


As a gift, the wake-up light may come as unexpected but will surely be welcomed by anyone who has any difficulty waking up feeling alert in the mornings. It’s an excellent choice for men and women alike, and something that’ll show you really put thought into choosing what to buy.

Philips Hf3470/60 Wake-Up Light