Panasonic DMP-BDT210

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Panasonic DMP-BDT210

A number of 3D Movies and 3D video playback facilities at home are among the current trends. The Panasonic DMP-BDT210 is an advanced 3D video player product from a world leader manufacturer, Panasonic. This 3D player boasts seamless networking along with several original and all-new innovative features.

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With a lightweight and slim body, the Panasonic design team has limited the player’s thickness to a sleek 1.5”.
The Panasonic team has made sure that the new Panasonic DMP-BDT210 is not only sleek and ergonomic in its looks, but is also an energy efficient home appliance that loads movies very quickly. The latest processing chipset is extremely helpful in reducing the electrical power consumption up to 48% as compared to regular Blu-ray players.



The DMP-BDT210 has a “Touch-Free Sensor”, which allows you to open the disk tray merely by moving your hands over the top. Therefore, it is not a requirement to switch on the lights or struggle in the dark to take advantage of the many features of your player.
You may connect your HDMI-supported TV or projector to your Panasonic DMP-BDT210 player using a supported HDMI cable. The back panel of the player has an HDMI port, a stereo analog audio port, a composite video port, a USB port, an Ethernet LAN port, and an optical digital audio out port.

The new DMP-BDT210 boasts an advanced depth controller and an all-new 3D Enhancer. It uses the most recent UniPhier chip in order to produce 3D movie effects in immaculate HD picture quality.
This Panasonic allows regulation of the degree of 3D depth, allowing you to create a great 3D perception, which is similar in quality to a theater.
This Blu ray player, as compared to its predecessor model, has a 1.5 times enhanced vertical color data profile. You will be amazed with BDT210’s ability to convert standard DVDs into high quality almost-HD level picture quality.
The next most important thing in a 3D experience is the sound quality. The Panasonic DMP-DBT210 comes with a new HDMI Jitter Purifier to deliver superior quality, and robust and pure bass sound reproduction. The device is not merely a Blu-ray disk player. Instead, it boasts of a heavyweight multimedia system.

The heavy-duty Panasonic player is DLNA certified. The DLNA certification implies that you may access the ability to access content on the device the way you would have accessed it from your computer.
Moreover, the certain types of iTunes apps may even allow you to control DLNA content through any hand held apple devices such as an iPad or an iPhone. The device comes with an easy to navigate menu system to make the most out of your applications.

You may also configure your Blu-ray player to alert you with a ringtone for an incoming call while you are watching your movie. This feature also works when the device is in stand-by mode. Similarly, the device may be configured to auto answer video message or record video mails.
This Panasonic model, due to its advanced features, has enough to satisfy your 3D Blu-ray viewing habits for a long time to come.


Panasonic DMP-BDT210