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Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S3

Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S3
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Have you shopped around for a case to protect your new Samsung Galaxy III? The Otterbox cases for Samsung Galaxy S phones are strong and protective covers known as one of the best cases around.

Otterbox cases comes in 2 series: Defender and Commuter so you have to decide between two of them. Each one has some pluses and minuses. The common complaint about the Commuter series is that the back is too slick and any time you toss is on something it slides right off. On the other hand the reviews about the Defender series claim that it is too bulky. It’s true that it adds a little thickness to the phone but really not all that much considering how well it insulates the phone against accidental drops and damages.

A lot of people appreciate the fact that Otterbox cases are coming with the screen protector included in it.

The case is very easy to install on the phone. All you have to do is to squeeze the sides of the case to separate the pieces and the phone will fall into the place.

Otterbox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy:

Otterbox Defender Series Case for th…

Otterbox Defender case for Samsung Galaxy S3 really provides a very high degree of drop protection for this android phone. The hard inner shell has a soft inner cushion that stabilizes the device and increases the shock resistance protecting your expensive phone from the damage.

The rubber-like outer covering fits snugly around the inner shell, and increases the shock resistance even more.

The Otterbox Defender fits the Samsung Galaxy S3 like a glove. Everything lines up precisely, and, with the port covers closed, it offers an extremely high degree of protection for this device.

It also provides added protection against scratches, dust, drops, bumps, and shock.The Defender Series comes with a ratcheting belt holster that can also double as a viewing stand. You can use the kickstand to listen to the music as well as having it available while working on the computer.

Otterbox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S3

OtterBox for Samsung Galaxy S III Co…

The Otter Box Commuter case is colorful, well-designed, protective, durable, and fun looking case for Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

This case is made of a durable silicone mid-layer and a one-piece, custom-molded polycarbonate shell. It’s smooth finish allows it to slide easily in and out of pockets. This case provides added protection against scratches, bumps, and shock.

Features of the Otterbox Commuter case:
– Impact absorbing silicone
– Hi-impact polycarbonate
– Port and button covers
– Comes with a self-adhesive screen protector

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With the Otterbox offering 2 series of the cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3: the Defender and the Commuter you may be wandering which one makes better sense for your needs. The best way to find out is to check all the features of both series. Most of them are the same but couple things stand out.

It seems that Defender is more bulky because of the cover that consist of 3 layers to better protect your phone. The Commuter is slimmer but also more slippery to touch. If you’re worried about dropping your phone quite often then the Defender will offer a better protection. On the other hand if you want the phone to slide easily into your purse or pocket then the Commuter may be a better choice for you.

Both series offer earbud and mini-USB ports at the top and bottom of the phone covered by flexible ‘tabs’ that protect the device from dirt/dust/gunk intrusion.

Both have a screen protector included in the case and the belt clip just adds to it’s overall package.


Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S3