Novi Stars Dolls

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Novi Stars Dolls

Novi Stars Dolls
MGA Novi Stars Doll – Alie Lectric

Novi Stars Dolls are dolls based on stars and planets in space.  They’re uniquely and really look out of this world.  The idea behind the series is that these dolls have come from outer space to make new friends on Earth.

The dolls are stylish and are designed with a look that resembles anime characters from Japan.  They feature large eyes and expressive faces that your little girl will love.  They make great gifts for the holidays.

They’re particularly interested in good fashion and having fun with friends they meet on this planet.  There are several dolls in the series and they all have their own unique characteristics that set them apart from the crowd.

For example, the doll Ari Roma comes with a bubblegum scent.  She has curly, purple hair and body glitter.  She also come with her own atmosphere so that she can handle the conditions on Earth.  She has glitter eyes and star shaped antennae that come out of the top of her head.

She comes with a stand that glows in the dark and is joined by a little pet.  The box that she comes in has a removable handle that can become a headband for your little girl.  This is a trait that makes Novi Stars Dolls unique.


The doll Una-Verse is also unique in that her body is filled with water and glitter.  She sports hair that is white with blue accents and she has large eyes that stand out against her skin.  She also has a pet and glow-in-the-dark stand.

Another doll, Mae Tallick is unique in that she has a talking, robotic voice. She has pink metallic skin and bright blue hair.  Like all of the Novi Stars Dolls, she comes with her very own pet and a stand.

These dolls are not like anything else on the market.  They all have distinct features that make them unique.  Your little girl will love to start a collection of these dolls that are visiting from outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Parents who have purchased these dolls for their daughters note that they get hours and hours of play.  The dolls have such a unique look and facial expressions that they quickly become favorites for play and display.

If you’re looking for a different type of gift to get for the little girl in your life this year, this series of dolls is a great choice.  The Novi Stars Dolls will allow your child’s imagination to run wild as she considers what life might be like on other planets.

Novi Stars Dolls