Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita

Nintendo 3DS And PlayStation Vita

The Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are the newest dedicated handheld gaming devices to hit the market. While both offer some similar features and have the backing of two of biggest names in the gaming industry, they are two distinctly different devices. While the 3DS has some time and experience to support its current place as leader of the handheld gaming market, the PS Vita has some powerful specs and innovative features that just might take that coveted position away from it.


Comparing the Specs


When it comes to comparing these two handheld devices, the hardware differences tell a lot of the story. The Nintendo 3DS is powered by two ARM11 single-core processors, while the PS Vita harnesses the power of one quad-core ARM Cortex-A9. The 3DS has 128 megabytes of internal memory with 4 megabytes of video memory while the PS Vita has 512 megabytes of internal memory and 128 megabytes of video memory.


Graphics and Display Features


While both devices offer a compelling and enjoyable gaming experience, the PS Vita obliterates the 3DS when it comes to complex graphics and sheer graphical detail. The graphics processor of the PS Vita is capable of handling an estimated ten times more polygons per second than that of the 3DS. However, if you prefer games with an animated feel and cute graphics, the 3DS offers plenty of options as well as a glasses-free 3D display. If 3D display technology is important to you, the PS Vita simply does not offer it. If you are looking for a console quality graphics in a handheld device, the PS Vita clearly wins.




The controls of the 3DS are largely unchanged from that of previous Nintendo handheld models. Using a combination of touch input, a directional pad and the new circular pad, the controls are responsive and intuitive. Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors have been added to allow for tilt control while playing as well. On the other hand, the PS Vita has introduced a bounty of control and input options from which players can choose. With dual analog control sticks, a directional pad, front and rear touch screens and Six-Axis motion sensing technology, you can interact with and control your game experience like no other handheld currently offers.


Battery Life


One of the most important factors for any handheld gaming device is its battery life. After all, fancy graphics and astounding gaming mean nothing if you cannot use the device. One of the biggest complaints against the 3DS since its launch has been its three-hour battery life. Sadly, the PS Vita battery life is not much better. With a battery capable of providing just over three hours of continuous gaming, you will want to keep your power adapter nearby if you plan to use your PS Vita throughout the day.


Nintendo 3DS And PlayStation Vita