Why Green Toys My First Stackers is Made of Recyclable Materials

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My First Stackers

If you’re looking for a toy made of recyclable materials My First Stackers is an excellent choice, why? Green Toys has committed to creating products that are responsibly made and safe for everyone. Even the smallest of customers can rest easy when cutting teeth on a Green Toys product because the company rejects the toxic materials commonly used by other toy manufactures. Instead My First Stackers, like all Green Toys products, is made of 100% recycled plastic and contains no BPA’s, phthalates, or PVC’s.


My First Stackers: The Cons

When it comes to the Green Toys My First Stackers, there’s very little bad to say about the product; however there are a couple of minor issues that I want to address.

  • Specking: Occasionally a batch of these stackers experiences “specking” which leaves the finished product dotted with black specks throughout. This happens when the machine isn’t properly cleaned between production batches.


This is akin to when you make pancakes and remove a cooked pancake from the pan, but a few bits of it are left behind. If you fail to wipe those cooked bits out of the pan the next pancake will have a few over-cooked bits in it.


Although the specking is harmless, Green Toys will happily replace the product if you end up with one of these rare speckled sets.


  • Dust & Dirt: Due to the open-box design of the packaging, some stackers arrive with some dust or dirt on them. Simply run these dishwasher-safe stackers through your machine to remove any dust or dirt.

My First Stackers: The Pros

Green Toys award-winning My First Stackers is a huge hit with the toothless crowd and their parents. Here are a few reasons why Green Toys My First Stackers is a popular choice among today’s eco-savvy families:

  • Safe: The use of non-toxic materials means that this product is safe to chew on, suck on, and otherwise explore with your mouth, something babies and toddlers tend to do a lot.


Another important aspect of safety that Green Toys designed into its version of stackers is that there isn’t a center post for little ones to fall on. Instead, My First Stackers nest neatly into one another, removing the need for a center post.


  • Durable: Little ones thrill at knocking these stackers down and since they’re made of durable plastic, the stackers can take the abuse. They also hold up well to the “music” kids make when banging the pieces together.


  • Perfect size: Green Toys has designed each piece of these stackers to fit perfectly into little hands. The nesting aspect of the design means they can be stacked in the traditional tower formation or in any other configuration your child dreams up.


  • Educational toy: These ingenious stackers can be used purely for fun, or to teach counting and color recognition. The stackers also help your child develop strong eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills.


  • No batteries: Need I say more? No batteries means no crazy, irritating noises. It also means not running out of batteries for your little ones beloved, must-have-it-right-now toy!

There are a number of reasons why Green Toys My First Stackers is made of recyclable materials. Two of the most important reasons are that making toys from 100% recycled milk jugs is good for the environment and safe for kids. No wonder these USA-made stackers won the 2010 Parents 55 Best Toys Award.

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My First Stackers