Mountain Boy Sledworks 6-Foot Toboggan Review

Mountain Boy Sledworks

Nothing beats the fun of a well-made toboggan when it starts to snow outside. Some toboggans are more suitable for small children than they are for adults, so if you want something that the whole family can enjoy you need to make sure you buy something both long enough and wide enough. Thankfully, the Mountain Boy Sledworks Toboggan comes in two different size options to suit all requirements: the 4-foot sled or the 6-foot option that’ll fit the whole family.

Features Of The Mountain Boy Sledworks 6 Foot Toboggan

* Suitable for adults and children aged 5+,
* 600 lbs weight limit,
* Hand made with steam-bent basswood and hand-carved willow crosspieces,
* Marine-grade finish to wood to weather the elements,
* 4-foot option also available,
* Curve at the front is large enough for adults to tuck feet around the child,
* Extra long rope for easy pulling,
* Weighs 10 pounds,
* 72 x 17.5 x 16 inches in size.


Is The Mountain Boy Sledworks 6 Foot Toboggan Worth Buying?


One of the best things about the Mountain Boy Sled is the fact that it’s big enough for four adults to ride at any one time. If you want to ride the sled with your kids, then the width of the sled means that it’s also big enough to wrap your legs around the child. The curl is bigger than on similar toboggans, making it a more comfortable option to buy.


As for the way it looks, you can’t deny that this is an impressive item. The wood is solid and is finished to a level that means you won’t mind having to carry the sled indoors after you use it! It has the classic wintery rustic design that you want from any sled you buy. The fact that the sleds are handmade out of quality wood gives you a special family item to treasure for many years to come.


Any sled needs to be designed to stand up against the elements: that means they need to cope with the cold as well as the speeds at which they travel across the ground. Thankfully the Mountain Boy Sled does the job well, but you do need to make sure it’s well taken care of to make the most out of it. This means waxing the bottom of the sled to help achieve maximum speeds, protecting the top surfaces with furniture oil, and always bringing the sled indoors after use to let it dry off. If you do experience any issues with this sled it comes with a one year warranty.

Mountain Boy Sledworks