Monster High High School Playset

Monster High High School Playset

The Monster High High School Playset is a fun folding set for your favorite Monster High dolls to play in.  When it’s unfolded, it’s large enough to play with the full size dolls, but when you’re done you can fold it up and hide it under a bed.

While it may seem small coming out of the box, you’ll put it together and find that it has six unique areas for play.  It includes the school entrance as well as a hallway where you’ll find six lockers for the dolls to stash their stuff.

You’ll also find a science classroom where the ghouls learn all about mixing potions.  This includes desks and a chalkboard for teaching important information.  There’s also a creepateria where the monsters share their meals.

The Monster High High School Playset has a “casketball” court where the students can play ball or just have fun socializing on the bleachers.  And upstairs is an area where the DJ can set his stuff when he performs for school dances.

While there are no dolls that come with this set, there are many accessories with it.  You’ll get two student desks as well as two student notebooks, a student binder, and a beaker for science class.

You’ll also enjoy the table and chairs that go with the creepateria.  And no lunch room would be complete without a couple of bowls of food.  For the casketball court, there’s a hoop and ball included as well as four trophies that can be displayed upstairs in the trophy case.


There’s also a bleacher seat included so that your dolls can watch the game or just talk outside.  And you’ll love the disco skull that can be used to transform the school for school dances.   And if you enjoy decorating, you’ll make use of stickers that are included.

If you purchase this set, make sure you also have some Monster High dolls to go with it.  If your daughter already has several dolls, this is the perfect set to play with them.  Parents who have purchased this for their children report that it gets hours of play.

Many consumers have also been impressed by its sturdiness and the fun accessories that are included in the set.  This is a great gift for a little girl who really loves the Monster High series of dolls.

This set will also make a great gift for under the tree this holiday season.  She’ll be so excited to get a Monster High High School Playset and it will occupy a lot of her time as she acts out the dolls’ lives in school.