Little Big Planet Game

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Little Big Planet

A platform game in which you control a small animated character through a series of obstacles in a cell-shaded graphical world, may sound like something that has come from Nintendo. But the launch of Little Big Planet on the PS3 back in 2007 proved to be one of Sony’s biggest PS3 success stories.


Both Kids and Adults


Little Big Planet is a game that is suitable for old and young alike. It is a concept by which you move through obstacles like any other platform game. The only difference is that you can create your own levels for you or your friends to play through. The level design, the characters and the story is all made by you and so there is almost unlimited customization.


While the PSP version of Little Big Planet was enjoyable, it was not as well liked as the PS3 counterpart. This was mainly down the limited controls that the PSP offered. PSP users found it frustrating at times to try and create a game level with a lack of suitable control methods.

However, the PS Vita changes all that. The combination of the touch screen, dual analog sticks and a touch pad at the back, mean that Little Big Planet for the Vita may even enable easier level design than the PS3.


A Console Game in Your Hand


Many of the features from the original PS3 version are translatable to the PS Vita with the touch screen making some aspects of the game more interesting and more innovative.


This charming little platform game on the Vita means that the use of the touch screen for playing through the levels is also a bonus. The touch application is utilized through having blue objects in the game that indicate that this object is touchable. You can then touch them to allow Sackboy (your playable character) to move through the level in a variety of different ways.


For example, you can pull back on a sling shot and then let go to release Sackboy flying across the level. The internal controls based on the PS3 control’s SIXAXIS system means that you tilt the whole control to allow moveable objects to slide through the level.


Vita Functionality


The game also features puzzles that allow you to fully utilize the many controls of the Vita. For example, there are intriguing puzzles where you have to push out blocks with the rear touch pad on the device in order to remove obstacles or reveal a message.


The PlayStation Vita’s many controls and included internet connectivity means that playing Little Big Planet is a step further than it was on the PS3. While you would think that the PS3 has more power and so should offer a better game, the Vita’s innovative control system makes level design fast and easy. Playing through the levels is much more of an immersive and interactive experience.



Little Big Planet