Kindle Paperwhite vs Nook Simple Touch

Kindle Paperwhite 3G, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Free 3G + Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers

Amazon recently announced a new lineup for the Kindle family of eReaders. One of the new additions – the Kindle Paperwhite – will be a direct competitor to the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. How does the new Kindle Paperwhite fare when compared to the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight? Here, is an overview of how they stack up.


When the Nook Simple Touch Glowlight was released, the addition of a built-in light – the “Glowlight” – was big news and a requested feature from customers. This new feature allowed readers to peruse their Nook books in low light conditions – think reading in bed.Nook Simple Touch Glowlight

Once Barnes & Noble raised the bar with a built-in light, it was only a matter of time until Amazon responded with a similar feature – Paperwhite.

Paperwhite is the name of Amazon’s new screen technology for the Kindle. The Paperwhite technology delivers light from the top of the screen, rather than a backlit projection – which is on the Nook – and provides a reading experience that is easier on the eyes.

The contrast on the new line of Kindles has increased by 25 percent; pixels have increased by 62 percent. The improvements provide a crisp, clear reading experience – much improved over prior Kindle models and better than the 800 x 600 resolution on the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.


The Kindle Paperwhite is completely touch-based; the home button from previous models is gone. The Nook Glowlight uses a combination of both touch screen and buttons. The new Kindle device is very thin, coming in at .36 inches; in comparison, the Nook Glowlight is .47 inches.

Getting Connected

The Kindle Paperwhite offers both Wi-Fi and 3G options. The price of the 3G model comes in at $179 while the Wi-Fi model is $119. The Nook Simple Touch Glowlight includes built-in Wi-Fi for $139 but does not have a 3G offering.

Books, Books, Books

Book selection is abundant for both the Kindle Paperwhite and Nook Simple Touch Glowlight. The Kindle line is backed by the Amazon store, boasting over one million titles. Barnes & Noble also has a wide selection of titles, including current best sellers.

Where the Amazon store stands out, is in the content offered by independent writers. Amazon delivers this content through the Kindle Singles and Kindle Direct Publishing programs, which is an attractive publishing platform for independent authors.

Something New

The Kindle Paperwhite introduces a new feature worth mentioning: Time to Read.

Time to Read is a feature that will track your reading speed and provide an estimate on how much time it will take you to finish the current chapter or the whole book. This is a great feature for late-night or bedtime readers that need to make that crucial decision: Should I keep reading or call it a night?


Show Me the Money

What is the price tag on the new Kindle Paperwhite?

The price for the Kindle Paperwhite varies based on features:

  • $199 – 3G without Special Offers
  • $179 – 3G with Special Offers
  • $139 – Wi-Fi without Special Offers
  • $119 – Wi-Fi with Special Offers

The price for the Nook Simple Touch Glowlight, without ads and with Wi-Fi, is $139.