Kindle Paperwhite vs Kobo Glo

Kindle Paperwhite Vs Kobo Glo

KindlePaperWhiteIn the era when tablet computers are extremely popular, it would appear that simple ereaders are being left in the dust. However two of the latest releases from Kobo and Amazon may change this perspective and prove this belief to be false. The Kobo Glo and Kindle Paperwhite have moved up in the category of ereaders and their founding companies have redesigned the products to appear more appealing to consumers who love to read.



The Kindle Paperwhite distinguishes itself most from previous models by its screen. It has improved the contrast by 25% and heightened its pixels by more than 60%. This means that a user will have a screen that is crisp, glare free, and simple to read. Some of the newest features include a backlit display, better resolution on the screen, and customizable fonts. All controls are on the touch screen. It is exceptionally lightweight as well. In the end, the Kindle Paperwhite feels like reading a traditional paper book even when it is lit up. Unlike other ereaders in the past, this one will not cause strain on the eyes.

Kobo eReader Touch

Another new aspect on the Paperwhite is the “Time to Read” feature. This automatically responds to how fast the user reads a book and shows how much is left to the present chapter and the entire book in general based on individual pace. The reading time is shown on the bottom of the screen to help the reader have a better experience.


The Kobo Glo is very similar to Kindle’s Paperwhite. The dimensions are almost the same and they both use touchscreen technology. One of the biggest differences between the two units is the battery life. Kindle claims that its newest Paperwhite’s battery will last up to eight weeks under normal conditions even with the light on. On contrast, the Kobo Glo only lasts half as long. One positive feature of the Glo is its “Reading Life”. This lets a user share with friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Avid readers will be very excited with the new ereader releases. Two of the latest on the market are the Kobo Glo and the Kindle Paperwhite. Both of these devices have vast improvements over the previous models and make things much simpler for users. The screens are fabulous on both units as well as the intuitiveness of the devices. One big difference is the battery life which is doubled on the Kindle version. In the end, choosing between the two will come down to personal preference. For those who have allegiance to Amazon and their product line, the Kindle Paperwhite will not disappoint.





Kindle Paperwhite Vs Kobo Glo