Kindle Fire Goes Global

KindleFireHDAmazon is really turning up the heat as the Kindle goes global. For a long time Amazon has been competing in the tablet PC market with something of a restriction. The Kindle range is spreading now though and this will help the company become a much more solid contender for consumer attention.

Kindle has so many devices that are available to the world. The Kindle Fire is becoming cheaper as the Kindle Fire HD hits the market. The tradition 1st and 2nd generation Kindles are also coming down in price. All of this has made the Kindle a real deal for consumers all over the world.

It was big news for the Kindle Fire to become available in the United Kingdom. There was also a buzz about how the Asian market would have more from the Kindle brand to compete with the iPad. Everyone knows that Apple has a big link with Japan, but Kindle is slowing penetrating their way into markets all around the world.

Much of this has to do with price and the level of quality that is available through Kindle. Amazon has developed a trusted brand. This gives it instant credibility even in places where the Kindle has not been sold. The news stories are more than enough to make people take interest and believe in the quality of the Kindle. It doesn’t matter if consumers have never seen or held one. It is still enticing to buy because Kindle has a reputation for quality.


The other thing that helps Amazon stay competitive is this wide range of eBook readers that is expanding the brand. The Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD are set at different prices. This will attract different users. The Kindle Wi-Fi and the 1st generation Kindle will also attract a different group of consumers. There is something out there for just about everyone that wants to obtain this type of device.

Now that the Kindle Fire is available globally competitors should beware. Amazon is capitalizing on rolling out the Kindle Fire on 4G networks globally and this is turning up the heat in the tablet PC world. This problem that many other Android systems have is that they are made for an American audience. This limits the number of devices that can be sold. Amazon, on the other hand, has taken time to develop a device that reaches across the board. Consumers have the ability to choose the Kindle where ever they are. This will ultimately make the big difference between Kindle Fire sales and other eBook readers on the market.