Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

 A Good Gift For Men


If you’ve got the space, then nothing beats a good indoor table tennis table for fun with family and friends. Something like this is even better as a Christmas gift, impressing the recipient but also providing hours of fun for everyone to enjoy together! If you’re looking for a good indoor table tennis table this Christmas, then the Joola Inside Table Tennis Table is it.


Features of The Joola Inside Table Tennis Table


* Indoor table tennis table,
* 5/8 inch (16mm) table top,
* Wood composite construction,
* Four transport wheels,
* Double anti-tilting device,
* Comes with net and post,
* Made up of 2 halves with 4 wheels per half.


Things To Love About The Joola Inside Table Tennis Table


One of the best things about this table is how it’s put together. It comes almost fully assembled, meaning that you can get it all up and running quickly. Just follow the instructions to put together the wheel brackets and you’ll be good to go. This is a huge convenience compared to other table tennis tables in this price bracket. Some buyers have even claimed they were able to get it ready for play within five minutes of unpacking it! A real advantage, also, if you know that you don’t want to keep the table set up all the time.


The price itself is also good. Although it’s a few hundred dollars, it doesn’t fall into the expensive category of table tennis tables, but it doesn’t look cheap either. The pieces fit together well and the finished product feels stable and built to a high quality.


The table comes in two parts that slot together nicely. However, if you’re limited on space then you can easily use each half as a distinctive table when not playing with the set. This is useful to save space, for example, for a party without having to dismantle and store the table tennis table elsewhere.


Drawbacks Of The Joola Inside Table Tennis Table


One thing you’ll notice about this table is the fact that it isn’t as thick as any top quality table tennis table. True, if you want to play to a professional standard then you’ll want to get a table around an inch thick for an even bounce. However, for casual fun in the home, this table is thick enough to play nicely.


Should You Buy The Joola Inside Table Tennis Table?


The Joola table is a good quality table, but isn’t to be considered a professional table tennis table. This is what you want for casual use: something made to a high standard, but that you shouldn’t be afraid to wear out if you end up playing with it a lot with players of all ages. True, this may cost more than your average Christmas gift, but it’s great value for a full sized table tennis table, it’ll be a fantastic surprise and something that the whole family can enjoy for a long time!

Joola Inside Table Tennis Table