Jawbone Jambox Review

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Jawbone Jambox

If nothing seems to satisfy your child but the latest technology then the chances are they’ve already got an iPod. But do they have the speakers to play their music on? The Jawbone Jambox is a funky, modern, speaker block that is small enough to be taken anywhere, but big enough to deliver a powerful sound to any room.

Features Of The Jawbone Jambox

* Wireless portable speaker,
* Comes in red, black or blue,
* Works via Bluetooth on a range of devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers etc.,
* Can also be used for phone calls,
* Wide audio spectrum in a small package,
* Rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of play,
* Can be updated with apps and software.


Is The Jambox Worth Buying?


The sound quality of the Jawbone Jambox is good, although not quite excellent. After all, these speakers are small and no portable speakers are ever going to have the size needed to produce top quality results. The sound is much better than in other portable speaker sets, though you would expect this for the extra price you’re paying. The speakers are loud enough to fill standard rooms, though not powerful enough for a big party.


You do pay more for wireless, but for many it’s well worth it. There are no cords to worry about at all. Just charge the speakers up and you’ll be good to go. One charge will give you around 10 hours of use, which is more than enough for most of us.


The Jawbone  Jambox connects to your devices using Bluetooth, meaning that it works with just about any device. Whether you want to listen to music from your iPod, MP3 player or tablet, or even listen to calls through your iPhone, the Jambox is easy to set up and get working.


One of the things that makes Jambox appeal compared to other wireless speaker options is the fact that it comes in a variety of colors: black, red and blue. It also features a rubberized top and bottom that’ll help keep it more protected on the go. This is important, as the attraction to this kind of speaker is the fact that it can just be carried in a handbag or rucksack.


One of the inevitable downsides of this product is the fact that it doesn’t come cheap. At almost $200, this is definitely not something that you want to give to young children. This is more suitable for teens who like to listen to music from the iPod in their bedroom, or who like to take it out with them to friends’ homes. It’s also a great option for the adult in your life who likes to travel or needs a powerful set of portable speakers.


Jawbone Jambox