Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express

Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express

Jack LaLanne’s PJESS Power Juicer Ex…

Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express has been one of the top selling power juicers of all time. This juicer offers every single benefit that you can imagine with fresh and healthy juices, and it offers easy clean up. With a no-drip spout and interchangeable mesh screens, the Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express is not only a handy piece of kitchen equipment but it also looks great on the counter top. The Power Juicer Express is small enough to leave you plenty of space for other kitchen products, but it still allows for a spacious extra-large chute to accommodate even the biggest of vegetables and fruits with little preparation from you. The Whisper-Quiet operation makes this juicer one of the quietest of all heavy duty juicing appliances so that you can make fresh juice in the morning without waking the entire family.

Specifications of the Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express

Average Price: $99.99
Product Dimensions: Measures 10.2 x 13.2 x 16.2 inches
Weight: 11 Pounds
Placement: Counter Top
Speed Control: Automatic Operation
Materials: Stainless Steel, Surgical Grade Steel Blades, Heavy Duty Plastic
Included Accessories: Recipe Book, Operating Instructions, Website Access, Pulp Container, Mesh Straining Basket
Warranty: 1 Year Limited

What’s great about the Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express?

Brand Name

The Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express is one of the very best products in the Jack LaLanne family of kitchen appliances. This juicer offers the guarantee that you will be enjoying fresh and healthy juices in your own home and that you will taste the delicious difference in those fresh juices. Jack LaLanne has been a household name for over 40 years, and many people have come to rely on his solid health and exercise advice. The Jack LaLanne brand name means quality and nutrition for the whole family.


With precision cutting blades made from surgical grade stainless steel, the cutting speed on the Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express is nothing short of amazing. This speedy little appliance extracts every bit of juice from your fruits and vegetables in just the blink of an eye. Even those tough root vegetables like carrots and beets are simple work for the Power Juicer Express. Those precision cutting blades share the work with an extra-large round feeding chute that allows you to place an entire apple in the machine without cutting or peeling. Whole pears, large pieces of pineapple, and even peaches with skin are no match for the large chute and razor sharp blades.



There really is no better advertisement for a kitchen appliance then the fact that this juicer allows you to make healthy and nutritious beverages for your family. From veggie shakes to fresh fruit juices, juicing at home is one of the very best ways to add fruits and vegetables to your family’s diet. No added sugar or preservatives makes those beverages the very closest thing to eating fresh fruit and vegetables each and every day.

What’s not so great about the Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express?

Ease of Use

The Power Juicer Express does take some practice. You will begin enjoying fresh fruit and vegetable juices immediately, but getting used to the controls and the setup of the machine will take a bit of time. Gauging just how full the Power Juicer has become is a minor difficulty when creating those juices. Once you begin juicing, it is an excellent idea to have several glasses or containers ready to catch the liquid as it comes out of the spout. If you are not ready for the juice, there will definitely be a bit of a mess in the kitchen. Other than the difficulty getting to know the juicer, the Power Juicer Express has very simple controls.

Pulp Container

Although the pulp container does a great job catching that unused portion of the foods that are placed in the juicer, it could be easier to clean. It takes some scraping to remove all of the peel and pulp pieces from the container, but after you have completed that part of the job you can then place the container in the dishwasher.

Is the Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express a great purchase?

The Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express is an excellent purchase for someone who wants to add some healthy beverages to his or her diet, and who would like to share those drinks with the family. This juicer is speedy and powerful, but it also allows you to make those juices without the kitchen sounding like a construction site. Whether you make a glass of juice each week or a whole container on Monday, the Power Juicer Express is ready for the job. The machine functions exactly as it is described, and it comes with plenty of ideas for fun and delicious new drinks. The Power Juicer Express is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express