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IPad Battery

When compared to the iPad 2, the iPad 3 has the same battery life. While this may seem odd, because the iPad 3 has a better battery, it is because the iPad 3 has some battery draining features like the improved screen resolution and the 4G connectivity. Despite that, you can still use the iPad 3 for a considerable amount of time, making it suitable for casual and power users. Aside from detailing the battery life and small cosmetic changes, this article will also give you some helpful tips to reduce battery usage.

Improved Battery and Cosmetic Changes

While the battery life is about the same amongst the two models, the iPad 3 has a much better battery. The battery in the iPad 2 was about 6,930mAh, but the iPad 3’s battery generates more than 30 percent more power with 10,000mAh. Because the battery produces more energy, it is also larger.

This facilitated the need for some very slight cosmetic changes to the iPad. The iPad 2 was about 8.8mm thick, and the iPad 3 is 9.4mm thick. However, this change will probably go unnoticed by most iPad users, so it isn’t something to gripe about.


Average Battery Life

According to official tests, the iPad 3 lasts about 10 hours. If you are using 4G connectivity, then the average battery life goes down to about 8 or 9 hours. This is the average for most iPad units, but it is also a very good benchmark. The 10-hour life allows you to go through a full workday without having to recharge, which is very useful.

Battery Drain

Despite the battery being bigger, the iPad 3 lasts as long as the iPad 2. This is because there are some new features that really drain the battery. The iPad 3’s screen has double the number of pixels that the iPad 2 featured, which requires a lot of power. The new camera can also drain the battery, along with a list of power-hungry apps.

Tips to Improve Battery Life

There are a few things you can do to improve the iPad 3’s battery life. By turning off the notifications and location services for all or most apps you keep the iPad from having to use extra battery power to use these features.

If you turn the screen brightness down to 50 or 70 percent you will decrease the amount of power needed to make the screen work. You can also set the auto-lock to quickly lock the iPad if you do not use it for about a minute or less.

So is it Worth it?

The iPad 3 may have the same battery life as the iPad 2, but it has a much stronger battery installed. This allows you to use the host of new hardware features, and it makes the iPad 3 quite the little powerhouse.

IPad Battery