Holiday Barbie 2012 Doll

Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll

Holiday Barbie 2012 Doll

Each year Barbie comes out with a collector’s edition, and the Holiday Barbie 2012 Doll is another example of the fine quality you’ve come to expect.  Typically these dolls are not made for play – although nothing says you can’t play with it.

Instead, they are kept in the box for collecting and displaying.  You’ll notice that the dress Barbie is wearing is of the highest quality and is even more beautiful than the typical Barbie outfits.

Rather than coming with a lot of extra accessories, the doll comes with a higher quality set of clothing, jewelry, and shoes.  And this year’s doll is stunning in a bright holiday red color.  The dress is a strapless ball gown that has a fitted waist and full skirt.

The outermost material is a red with a brocade pattern in it.  Underneath the brocade are layers and layers of tulle to help fill out the skirt.  Around the waist is a sash that hangs down and is accented with a silver glitter scroll pattern.

The Holiday Barbie 2012 Doll is also wearing big sparkly earrings and a large necklace that also sparkles.  These are the perfect compliments to any fancy holiday party.  And you’ll also notice that Barbie’s makeup is special for the occasion.

Barbie’s fingernails are painted in a coordinating shade of red.  You’ll notice how pretty her dainty fingers look by her side.  Her hair is also set in big, glamorous girls and swept away from her face.


She’s wearing glamor makeup that’s a little darker than usual around her eyes and she’s wearing a bright shade of red lipstick to top off the outfit.  This holiday edition of Barbie is offered in Caucasian skin color as well as African-American skin tone and hair.

Underneath her dress, Barbie is wearing her signature high heels.  You’ll also get a stand with this doll in case you’d like to display her on a shelf or in a case.  It’s important to note that this Barbie isn’t the same as dolls that are made for playing.

For example, this doll doesn’t have bendable joints the way other Barbies do.  She also is made of a hollow plastic that’s more delicate than the solid plastic of other dolls.  You’ll want to either keep her in the box or keep her on display, but she’s really not made for playing.

If you’re a Barbie collector, this doll is the perfect addition to your collection.  She’s a gorgeous holiday doll that’s ready for the ball.  The Holiday Barbie 2012 Doll is sure to impress anyone who loves Barbie and likes to add to her collection each year.

Holiday Barbie 2012 Doll