Your HDTV TV Buying Guide

HDTV TV Buying Guide

The technical terms associated with today’s televisions can be confusing when you’re shopping for a new one. To clarify the technical terms and cut out the confusion over the best television to buy, use the following guidelines as your HDTV TV buying guide.

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HDTV TV buying guide

The first step you’ll want to do is decide on how large the screen should be. Obviously, you’ll want a smaller size for a bedroom than you would for your entertainment or living room. Once you’ve decided on a size – and there is no right or wrong answer here because it’s just a matter of preference – it’s time to choose the technology for the screen.


You have a choice between LED, Plasma and LCD. These terms mean this is how your images will show up. For example, a Plasma television screen uses small bits of gas cells that enable the pixels to affect the colors (consumers get clearer, brighter colors).


Televisions that have the LED technology are screens that have joined two types of technology (LED and LCD), giving better color and performance for the screen. LCD means liquid crystal display.


The technology in these screens relies on how color is filtered – some through LED technology, others through cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFL for short. The most important part of the search in your HDTV TV buying guide involves the features.


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These will differ from consumer to consumer depending on what’s most important to you, but some of the best of the basics shouldn’t be overlooked. You want to make sure you have the ports that you need to hook up all of your game gear and other technology goodies.


If you enjoy checking out your social media on your television, or you want to use it for your movie subscription service, then make sure the features include the ability to connect to the Internet. If music is important to you, you’ll also want to make sure there’s room for your iPod.


If you happen to be a serious game player and spend hours excelling in the video game world, make sure you look for television screens that are built with gaming in mind. The whole use behind screen savers with computers was to keep the still page image from being frozen onto the screen. It’s the same with certain television models. You want one that will prevent your game mode from being frozen onto your screen.


Finally in your HDTV TV buying guide, don’t forget the other items you’ll want in order to make your HDTV experience even better. Use the right equipment with it. Make sure you have a surge protector for your investment, use the right cables that can handle the electric load and buy the right support for your television if you plan to use an entertainment stand or center.


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