How Does an HDTV Plasma TV Stack Up Against an EDTV Plasma TV?

HDTV Plasma Or An EDTV Plasma

Buying a television today isn’t the same as it was when television sets first appeared on the scene. Back then, choices were limited because there wasn’t one. Consumers only had one choice – and that was to buy a television where shows were aired in black and white.

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HDTV Plasma

Today, consumers can buy a television with many different features offering options that were unheard of when televisions were first invented.  Today, many models are boiled down to initials like HDTV or EDTV.


It can be difficult to narrow the selection down and to understand how an HDTV plasma TV stacks up against an EDTV Plasma TV, but that’s the question everyone wants an answer to.


Cutting through all of the information on the market about the various choices, the facts remain the same. Many of the models are going to exceed your expectations. To understand the facts behind what constitutes a great television versus one that isn’t so great, you would need to know that pictures were originally broadcast using a line technology and those lines were scanned to bring television watchers the images of their programs.


These programs and shows were a series of still images that were quickly flashed, giving the sense that the picture was actually moving. As television screens grew in size however, this technology was no longer viable and so the world of progressive scanning was born.


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EDTV Plasma

With progressive scanning, how does an HDTV Plasma TV stack up against an EDTV Plasma TV? Users get a higher resolution picture thanks to back lighting technology (using features like LED backlight gives the televisions a better quality picture).


You also get web applications for easy connectivity and function with the Internet. But you can find many similar features in an EDTV so which is better? While it’s true that you can get many similar features and there’s nothing wrong with an EDTV Plasma TV, the EDTVs do have a lower resolution than you would get in an HDTV, which means you won’t always get the clearest resolution.


Resolution stacks up in how the picture is viewed in the amount of pixels. For example, an HDTV that was 720p would have a pixel size of 1280 by 720. You’ll want to look for features in either an HDTV Plasma or an EDTV Plasma that offer you a true black in color as well as more vibrancy in color. You’ll see this in the HDTV that has the backlight with LED.


So the answer to how does an HDTV Plasma TV stack up against an EDTV Plasma TV is that it stacks up in performance with color resolution, durability and input capability that lets you add your other entertainment elements like your WII.


HDTV Plasma Or An EDTV Plasma