Why HDTV and LED TV Are Smart Buys



For many people, HDTV and LED TV are just terms meaning newer, better technology for watching television. Those people would be correct. However, there are many facts you should know about the abbreviations for this newer technology that can help you make a wise choice when selecting which model to purchase.

LED means that it’s the light-emitting diode that isn’t the same as an LCD. While there are many technical terms that go in depth to describe what happens when users have LED technology, what you need to know boils down to one thing: You get a much thinner screen than you normally could.

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Why is this such a big deal? Because televisions using LED lighting are light and thin enough to be mounted above a fireplace or anywhere else on the wall. It means that they can be larger than normal and still give you sharp and clear viewing.

LED is often termed as backlighting, and it still means the same thing. You get better images. This kind of technology uses what’s known as RGB, which stands for red, green, and blue. That means it has the light-emitting diodes. What this does is give you an image so sharp and clear, you’d swear it was real instead of being projected into your living room on a screen.


That’s why HDTV and LED TV technology together greatly improves the way you get your entertainment. You’ll view shows and movies that look more natural and the color will look more realistic – as if whatever was filmed was transplanted into the television.


You can use your television to stream movies in that give you the top quality feel like you’d get in a theater with the rich detail and sound that you enjoy. Different models do have different styles of lighting with the LED.


For example, some sets will use LEDs around the outer parameter of the screen. Because of that placement, you’ll get backlighting that’s more energy efficient, bigger screen space and better design all thanks to the LED. Also, because this is cutting edge, your television can integrate with your home computer.


Reasons why HDTV and LED TV are smart buys also include iPhone apps as well as well as Skype, built in Wi-Fi and more. You get an easy to understand and use interface. The applications that you like to use on your home computer (such as checking out who responded to your Facebook status) can now be seen right from your television. It’s just one more way of making your life easier so that you can concentrate on living it to the fullest.


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