Green Toys Stacking Cups

Green Toys Stacking Cups

The Educational Benefits of Green Toys Stacking Cups


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At first glance, the educational benefits of Green Toys Stacking Cups aren’t obvious; however look a bit closer and you’ll notice an interesting feature not found in similar products. What you’ll find are:

  • Numbers: Other stacking cups may have numbers on them, but the really fun thing about these cups is that they are “volumetrically correct.” This simply means that when you fill cup 1 and cup 2, the contents of these cups will fit into cup 3. As a result, you’re able to help your child with number recognition, counting, and beginning math concepts.

Stacking Cups: an Educational Toy

These environmentally friendly cups are also great for:

  • Sorting: Use the cups to help kids sort items of the same color, shape or size.


  • Color Recognition: Toys today tend to come in four basic colors: red, yellow, green and blue. These lavender, teal, and lime colored Stacking Cups give you an opportunity to playfully help your child expand his or her knowledge of colors.


  • Eye-Hand Coordination:  Nesting the cups together from largest to smallest or stacking them to form a tall tower develops eye-hand coordination as well as problem solving skills.


  • Recycling: Like all Green Toys products, these cups are made of 100% recycled milk jugs. This makes it easy to help kids understand a word they might be familiar with, but have little concept of: recycling. Telling kids that these toys are made from “those milk jugs we recycle” helps them grasp the concept in a tangible way.

The benefits of Green Toys Stacking Cups go beyond these important educational aspects. For example, kids as young as six months can safely play with these cups because they are non-toxic. Little ones can happily gum the cups and their folks don’t have to worry that they’re ingesting harmful substances because all Green Toys products are free of BPA’s, phthalates, and PVC’s.Stacking cups

I love that these stackers are made in the USA and are produced responsibly, but one of my favorite things about Green Toys Stacking Cups is that they are an open-ended toy, allowing for flexible use and plenty of imagination. For example, the cups can be used in the bath or during water play, in the sandbox, or in the playroom. Since these cups are dishwasher safe, they can also get sanitized whenever needed.

Let’s Talk Cost

For some, the cost of the Stacking Cups is a little steep; however since babies, toddlers, and preschoolers seem to enjoy them equally well, you can expect to get a lot of mileage out of these cups. And, if they ever wear out, you can simply place them in the recycle bin rather than in the garbage where they inevitably end up in the landfill.

One thing to note about Green Toys products is that the open-box packaging design may cause a product to arrive with a bit of dirt or dust. Simply place the cups in the dishwasher for a cleaning before passing them onto your little one. Regardless of this little inconvenience, the benefits of Green Toys Stacking Cups out weight some minor flaws. Even the packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials. And it’s printed with a soy-based, earth-friendly ink to boot!

Green Toys Stacking Cups