Green Toys for Toddlers

Green Toys For Toddlers

 The Chef Set, Dish Set & Play Food

Playing make believe is a favorite pastime for toddlers. Dressing up like mom or dad, sitting the dolls or stuffed animals at the table and serving up whatever’s cookin’ in the play kitchen is the work of the preschool set and their early-elementary aged siblings. The thing is, while we grown-ups might call it “pretend play” – to our little ones, the game is very real. This is why they so often put the toys in their mouth. And the fact that kids regularly put toys in their mouth is the exact reason why Green Toys produces only non-toxic toys for toddlers to use in their play kitchen.

Non-Toxic Green Toys Toys for Toddlers

All of the recent negative press about plastics has caused many of us parents to re-think the brightly colored clutter in our child’s play space. If you’re concerned about the recalled toys made overseas or if you worry about the toxins in your little ones toys, you’ll love what Green Toys is doing. All of their toys are made in the USA from 100% recycled milk jugs. There are no BPA’s, phthalates or PVC’s in their products, which means they are a safe alternative to all those other worrisome toys on the market.

Some of their popular green toys for toddlers include:

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Green Toys Chef Set

  • Green Toys Chef Set: Clearly designed to fit perfectly in little hands, the Green Toys Chef Set comes with a pot, pan, spatula, and mixing spoon. This is a fun set for any play kitchen and is great for keeping little ones busy “cooking” while you’re working to make a meal in your grown-up kitchen. The solidly constructed pieces can take a beating and still remain in good condition for passing down to younger siblings, cousins or friends.


The only thing that would make this set perfect is if the lid fit both the pot and the pan. In the current model, the lid only fits the pot; however there is still a lot of fun to be had with this set and kids don’t seem to notice or care that the lid doesn’t work with both pot and pan.Green Toys Dish Set



  • Green Toys Dish Set: Technically, this set was created for parents to use when serving food to their toddlers; however the set also makes a great addition to any play kitchen. They’re sturdy, gender-neutral and great for taking on picnics – no disposable items to worry about. Afterwards, kids can practice “washing the dishes.” One thing to note though: If you have the Green Toys Tea Set, the cups in the Dish Set are the same, which means you’ll end up with 8 matching cups.

 Green Toys Pizza Parlor and Sandwich Shop

  • Green Toys Pizza Parlor and Sandwich Shop: These sets are sold separately; however all of the stacking food items are interchangeable. This means that little ones who have both the Pizza Parlor and the Sandwich Shop can easily place sandwich items on the pizza or pizza items on the sandwich. I love this design because it allows for even more open-ended imaginative play. And, these play food items were created to go with both the Chef Set and the Dish Set.

I see many toys for toddlers in the stores, online, and in newspaper ads. Rarely do I come across a company like Green Toys with such a strong commitment to their smallest customers and the sustainability practices required for protecting the world they’re growing up in.


Green Toys For Toddlers