Full Tang Ninja Sword

Full Tang Ninja Sword

For Men Who Dream Of Becoming A Ninja!


What is it with men and the fascination they have with ninjas? Even if you don’t understand, you can make him happy this Christmas buy buying him his very own ninja sword! Don’t think that a ninja sword has to be expensive, either.  The Full Tang Ninja Sword is a simple yet realistic option if you really want to surprise him this Christmas.


Features Of The Full Tang Ninja Sword


* Full tang construction (less likely to break),

* Nylon sheath with shoulder strap,
* Partially serrated stainless steel blade,
* 27 inches in length (20 inch blade),
* Black cord wrapped handle.


Benefits Of The Full Tang Ninja Sword


On delivery, you’ll find the Full Tang Ninja Sword pretty sharp, but not quite sharp enough. With a few quick swipes through a sharpener, most people have commented on how sharp and capable this sword becomes.


For around $15, this is an excellent quality sword that has no trouble matching up to options that cost 5 or more times the price. This is excellent news if you don’t have too much money to spend on a Christmas gift, but want to choose something that’ll impress.


It’s unlikely that anyone you’re buying this for is ever going to use it in real life, but that doesn’t mean it should be anything less than realistic. The good news is that this sword is light in weight, making it perfect for sneaking around in the shadows like a true ninja! It even comes with a nice case and strap so you can carry it around like a “real” ninja!


Drawbacks Of The Full Tang Ninja Sword


The only real complaint of this sword is the fact that the wrapping on the handle comes off relatively easily. This isn’t too hard to fix, however, and is well worth it for the price and quality of the sword in general. Be careful, however, when you first use it in case the gripping makes the sword slip in your hand.


Note also that this sword is definitely no toy, so it should only be given to adults who understand the dangers of playing with it.


Is This Sword Worth Buying?


If you know someone who has a fascination with martial arts or swords, this is an excellent addition to their collection. It looks sleek, and they will never guess how affordable it is! Most men may never end up “using” the ninja sword for anything other than slicing a watermelon in half, but there’s no doubt that they will consider this a really cool Christmas gift!

Full Tang Ninja Sword