Eureka LightSpeed 4700D Upright Vacuum

Eureka LightSpeed 4700D Upright Vacuum

Eureka LightSpeed 4700D Upright Vacuum
Eureka LightSpeed Upright Vacuum, Ba…

Eureka has been making affordable vacuums for a long, long time. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Eureka has developed a lightweight upright vacuum that offers both value and performance. The Eureka LightSpeed™ 4700D Upright Vacuum is ideal for cleaning narrow and cluttered areas.

This bagless upright vacuum is easy to maneuver and light enough to carry up and down stairs. Even so, the Eureka 4700D Upright Vacuum Cleaner is powerful and easy to maintain. It’s one of the lightest vacuum cleaners in its class and features micro-filtration technology to keep the air free of pollen, dust mites and other allergy causing particulates. The affordably priced Eureka 4700D LightSpeed™ Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with an extra-long wand extension and a large diameter hose for maximum effectiveness. It even captures difficult to remove pet hair and dander. This compact vacuum cleaner is ideal for quick and efficient cleaning jobs anywhere in the home.

Specifications of the Eureka LightSpeed™ 4700D Upright Vacuum

List Price: $69.99
Power Rating: 12 Amps
Cord Length: 25 Feet
Cleaning Path Width: 13 Inches
Unit Weight: 13.6 Pounds
Shipping Weight: 17 Pounds
Vacuum Cleaner Dimensions: 13”x12”lx42.5h
Sold in Canada: Yes
On/Off Brushroll: No
Turbo Nozzle: No
Standard Filter: Yes
HEPA Filter: No
Adjustable Handle: No
Premium Handle: No
Automatic Height Adjustment: Yes
Warranty: One Year Limited
Materials: Lightweight Plastic and Metal
Bagless: Yes
Easy Empty Flip-Bottom Dust Cup: Yes
Suction Control Switch: No
EdgeCleaner™: No
Automatic Cord Rewind: No
Cleaning Tools:
Crevice Wand
Dusting Brush
Extra-Long Wand Extension


What’s great about the Eureka LightSpeed™ Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Put simply, you get a lot of vacuum cleaner for the money. The Eureka LightSpeed™ 4700D Upright Vacuum Cleaner is extremely lightweight but solidly constructed. It’s the small vacuum that offers amazingly strong suction. It’s ideal as a second vacuum or for cleaning homes of any size. The easy to empty 2-1/5 quart dust cup means you never have to purchase vacuum cleaner bags again. The 4700D has a washable filter that can be cleaned and replaced in a jiffy. There’s just one filter to clean, and the attachments are great for cleaning corners and other difficult to reach places.

Another great feature of the Eureka 4700D is its no-tip design. That’s an important feature to look for when considering the purchase of a small lightweight upright vacuum. The automatic height adjustment makes it simple to vacuum carpeted, wood or ceramic tile floors. The Eureka 4700D includes a large diameter, no-clog hose, and the extra long wand extension is perfect for reaching cobwebs. The Eureka 4700D is the perfect addition to a finished basement or busy dorm room. It makes short work of dirty carpets and pet hair. Set up and assembly for the 4700D is quick and easy. Just follow the step by step illustrated instructions.

Believe it or not, this vacuum cleaner will pick up hair and dust that larger, more expensive vacuums often leave behind. It’s great for weaving between dining room sets and nearby barstools. The 4700D is easy to maneuver in cluttered bedrooms and family rooms when a quick and easy cleanup is required. One great thing about purchasing a Eureka vacuum is that there are so many authorized repair facilities throughout the nation. If anything goes wrong with the vacuum cleaner, you can take full advantage of the limited one-year warranty rather than throwing it in the garbage like so many other difficult to repair products. The compact design allows for easy storage and portability.

What’s not so great about the Eureka LightSpeed™ 4700D Upright Vacuum?

The Eureka 4700D Upright Vacuum doesn’t offer the frills and high-end features found on more expensive models. You won’t find a HEPA filter or a handle that can be adjusted to an ideal height, but the Eureka 4700D does provide outstanding performance at an affordable price. It’s important to note that the filter of a compact bagless vacuum cleaner should be cleaned regularly to prevent plugging and overheating. This is especially true if there are pets in the home. The Eureka 4700D has an automatic shut-down system that is activated whenever the filter or dust cup are too dirty for efficient operation.

The exhaust vents on the Eureka 4700D are located on the very front of the unit, making it somewhat difficult to clean hardwood and ceramic floors. The force of the air flowing through the vents may cause dust bunnies and pet hair to sail through the air and across the room. The 25 foot power cord may be a little short for larger homes, and the cord doesn’t retract automatically like more expensive models. The Eureka 4700D is a small lightweight vacuum. It may take a little longer to vacuum a large room or home completely.

The Eureka LightSpeed™ 4700D Upright Bagless Vacuum is an outstanding value when you consider the durability, power and maneuverability that you get for the money. It’s a solidly constructed vacuum that comes with all the performance that you would expect from a Eureka upright vacuum. It’s perfect for vacuuming any area quickly and efficiently. The unit rolls along so smoothly that you’ll think it’s self propelled.

Eureka LightSpeed 4700D Upright Vacuum