Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon Tent



This is the perfect tent for 4 -5 people to camp comfortably in, although if you don’t mind getting cosy, you could fit a couple more. The square, cabin style shape makes for a lot more room than a dome shape so you have a lot more options as to how you are going to arrange your things. If you like stargazing from the comfort of your camp cot, you can lie on your back and gaze away through the roof and skylights in the fly. There are plenty of storage pockets as well as. Four large mesh covered windows allow for excellent airflow and the roof is mesh as well.



Design – Cabin-style tent holds 4-5 campers – centre height of 7′  – vertical walls – D-shaped door –  bathtub-style floors that wrap up the sides to keep water out –  nickel sliders and self-healing zippers –  factory-taped major seams to seal out weather.

Windows – 4 x large with fly shades – clear panel skylights – brims to keep the weather out

Fly – Has clear panel skylights

Storage – hanging gear loft as well as pockets

Materials – Made of 1200mm, 75 D polyester

Poles – six steel and fiberglass poles

Roof  – all mesh

Special Features –  E! Power Port for an extension cord (not included)  –  sweep-out point


Product Specifications

Size – 10-foot x 10-foot (100 square feet)

Weight – 23 lbs, 6 oz

Centre Height – 7 feet

Model No –  2601300


Pros of the  Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

  • Size is excellent – loads of room
  • Can stand up in it
  • Rain fly gives good coverage
  • The non-bending design of the frame is excellent
  • The `E! Port’ is a cool idea
  • Great for mild weather
  • Solid, but lightweight construction


Cons of the  Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

  • Can’t heat it effectively because of the size and all mesh roof
  • Takes 2 people to set it up
  • Both zips on the door need to be opened to allow access
  • Zips snag on overhanging fabric
  • More guy lines needed –  the large vertical walls of the tent really blew in with the stronger gusts
  • Stakes are junky – should be sturdy and strong
  • The roof is all mesh and the fly doesn’t stop all rain from getting in


User Ratings for the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

This is a popular tent and 59 customers have left reviews giving an average rating of 4.3 stars.  30 customers gave it 5 stars and 23 gave it 4 stars. There was unanimous agreement that the large size  of the tent was it’s greatest asset. To read more about what users think, please read the reviews here.



At the time of writing the price of the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent was $249.00.  To view the most current price, you can find it here.


Eureka Copper Canyon Tent