Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar Review

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar

Most agree that it’s nearly impossible to improve on the Les Paul model, but the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar has accomplished this challenge. Les Paul guitars are known for being heavy, but this updated version is three pounds lighter and more comfortable, making longs shows and gigs a breeze. And of course, you still get the same great playing power as with any traditional Les Paul, with phenomenal humbuckers and a driven rock sound.

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Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar Specifications:

Average Price: $750.00
Product Dimensions: 45 x 17 x 7 inches; 10 pounds
Construction: Chambered mahogany body/Rosewood fretboard
Scale: 24.75



What’s So Great About the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar?

Lightweight: The Les Paul Ultra-II is super lightweight and features internal acoustic chambers. The internal chambers give the guitar its hollow body and keeps the instrument extra comfortable. In fact, the Ultra-II comes in weighing three pounds less than the other Les Paul models, so you can expect but nothing but pure comfort when using this guitar.

Ergonomic: In addition to the lightweight design of the Ultra-II, you can also enjoy an updated design that is more comfortable than ever. Instead of having sharp corners that can dig into your sides as some guitars do, the Les Paul Ultra-II has contours on the back that make it easy to hold. Even more enjoyable is the satin finish on the neck that makes it easy to slide your hand back and forth at lightning fast speeds. Traditionally, guitars have a painted finish that can be sticky. All the controls are in the right places so that you never have to fuss around with trying to find the buttons. Both the volume and tone knobs are easily accessible, but out of the way so that they’re not obtrusive while playing.

Sound: There’s really no way around it: Les Paul guitars are simply remarkable. You can enjoy a driven rock sound that’s perfect for playing classic rock songs, although some artists have found the Ultra-II to be especially versatile and can even play songs like “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. With this Les Paul model you can enjoy gold alnico humbuckers and tuning pegs and a contrasting rhythm and treble. If you’re looking for a jam session of a lifetime, the Ultra-II will certainly get you there. And time and time again, Les Paul never fails to impress as it sets the bar high as to what songs can be played on an electric guitar. To cover more ground, you can use the piezo acoustic pickup on quieter, more delicate songs, then turn back on the humbuckers for jamming out to solos.


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What’s Not So Great About the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar?

Top Heavy: While the body of the guitar is lightweight, the headstock remains heavy. This can make the guitar feel a bit awkward and unbalanced and will take some getting used to. With other guitars, including Les Paul models, both the body and headstock remain in sync with each other in terms of weight so you won’t notice a difference as you will with the Ultra-II. Fortunately, most musicians agree that getting used to a heavier headstock and lighter body is fairly easy.

Hardware: Any Les Paul model has a lot of hype to live up to, and the hardware on the Ultra-II lacks in some departments. The guitar comes inspected from the USA, which means it should be functioning perfectly out of the box. However, there have been some problems with the hardware beyond it being made from a gold finish that will tarnish over time. The output jacks have thin plastic around them that can break, while the output jacks are substandard. While the company will replace parts if needed, you may find that going to a guitar repair shop may have better parts and allow the guitar to work and sound better. And as any musician knows, each piece of hardware must be perfect for the quality of sound to come through.

Is the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar a Great Purchase?

The Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Guitar is the perfect purchase for any musician who loves to play classic rock tunes and then some. Since Les Paul guitars have a hard rock sound that make them ideal for jamming out to classic rock songs, many of the current owners are part of a band and continue to impress their band members by the range of songs the Ultra-II can play. If you want to step it up and reap the benefits of a Les Paul while having a guitar that is lightweight, comfortable and attractive, the Ultra-II is exactly what you’re looking for. Available in Faded Cherry Sunburst and Midnight Ebony.

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II Electric Guitar