DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System

DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System

delonghi_stiromeglio_compact_pro_300_ironing_systemIf you’re tired of buying subpar irons that don’t seem to stand up to frequent use, it’s time to upgrade to the DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System. This innovative iron has a pressurized boiler that is made from both stainless steel and alloy. The cord design allows for right- and left-handed users to operate the iron comfortably. The iron operates at a professional level, generates plenty of steam and gets very hot, all factors that make for effortless ironing on the wrinkliest fabrics. With the large boiler, you get 1.5 hours or ironing time and 3.5 bars of pressure. The Stiromeglio may be an investment, but it’s one that will offer years of heavy-duty use.

DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler Specifications:

What’s So Great About the DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler?

Professional Results: At first glance, the cost of the Stiromeglio may seem expensive, but it’s worth what you pay. With this iron, there’s no need to take your clothes to the cleaners or struggle through your own professional quilting and sewing work. The Stiromeglio delivers professional results thanks to its 3.5 bars of power and heavy-gauge aluminum soleplate. You can also iron with continuous steam with the steam lock button on the handle and steam trigger. The vertical steam also enables you to iron vertical items like drapes and hanging clothes with ease.

Pressurized Boiler: The Stiromeglio is in a class of its own when it comes to steam irons. The pressurized boiler is made from stainless steel and super-alloy. This design is what makes the boiler exceptionally powerful as the two materials extend the steam conversion capacity. The upper portion of the boiler is made from stainless steel so that greater thermal heat is achieved. The bottom of the boiler allows the heat to rest in the bottom for even distribution and constant temperature. Finally, the boiler is designed to convert tap water into steam so that you can freely use even hard water with the iron. The 1 liter boiler will last for approximately 1.5 hours with each cycle.

Comfortable: Thankfully, you won’t mind ironing for an hour or more with the smart design of the Stiromeglio. Reviewers agree that this iron is simply ergonomic and enjoyable to use. The old-fashioned cork handle remains cool to the touch while the actual body of the iron is rather lightweight for the amount of stainless steel and alloy that it contains. The soleplate is made from aluminum that is satin-polished for effortless gliding on all fabrics.

Proficient: The Stiromeglio produces a lot of steam so that users are able to accomplish their ironing tasks faster and with less effort. Even hanging drapes and linens can be easily ironed thanks to the vertical steam pattern. Some reviewers are happy to see that the iron gets so hot, it actually serves as a space heater in a small room. All in all, the design of the Stiromeglio will overcome all your ironing woes for faster and more productive ironing.

What’s Not So Great About the DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler?

No Water Lever: The Sitromeglio has a generous water tank that leads to over an hour of ironing time. Unfortunately, you cannot see the water level and therefore, do not know when the water tank is near empty. You have to use all the water in the tank before you can refill it again, which may not be a problem if you remember before turning the iron on. If you’re already ironing and run out of water, you’ll have to wait 20 minutes for the iron to cool down before adding the water. A visible water lever would have been a nice touch so that users can see if the tank needs refilling before starting to iron.

No Auto Shut-off: Many irons these days come with automatic shut-off safety features that are must-haves in homes with kids and pets. After all, it’s not uncommon to walk away from the task of ironing and forget that the iron was left on. With the Stiromeglio, you will have to make sure the iron is turned off because there is no automatic shut-off to do this for you. The iron also gets very, very hot, so it’s especially important that you shut it off every time you walk away from it.

Bulky Base: Don’t be fooled by the word “compact” in the Stiromeglio’s description. The base is large and bulky, and many reviewers have had trouble finding the perfect spot for it. If you work in cramped quarters, you’ll have an additional obstacle, especially since the iron does get very hot and has been known to burn through the surfaces that it’s placed on. Before buying, make sure you have a large, flat surface for the iron to rest on.

Is the DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler a Great Purchase?

The DeLonghi Stiromeglio is an excellent purchase, especially for those who do regular ironing. It is a bit expensive, but most reviewers agree that the extra cost is well worth it. The Stiromeglio doesn’t have issues with leaking as many other irons have, and it operates at a high-performance level for professional results. Best of all, it makes the task of ironing comfortable and enjoyable, a must for people who regularly work with fabrics. The biggest drawback is that the iron lacks a water lever and doesn’t have an automatic shut-off, but as long as you can work around these issues, you’ll find that the Stiromeglio is the type of quality iron that you would expect it to be.