DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle

DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle

DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle, Orang…

Nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee or tea made with the DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle. If you are like many people, you need your coffee or tea to get you up and going in the morning. What about a bowl of piping hot oatmeal? Using an electric kettle, it is easy to have fresh oatmeal and a beverage all without ever turning the stove on. Many people go to a gourmet coffee shop for their coffees and teas, but that is so costly.

The DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle is flawlessly designed so that you can make a big pot of whatever your pleasure right from home. This electric kettle has all of the extra things that you would see on a high end item, but it has a price tag that is affordable. With a great choice of wonderful colors, the DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle is not only able to be color coordinated to your kitchen, but it can be one of the most functional pieces in the kitchen. The DeLonghi is proficient, sophisticated, and practical. This is the best electric kettle you can have in your kitchen.

Specifications of the DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle

Average Price: $119.99
Size: Measures 5.7 x 9 x 9.8 inches
Programmable: No
Preset Menu Options: No
Weight: 4 pounds
Delay Start Timer: No
Visual Display: Yes
Automatic Fruit/Nut Dispenser: No
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Materials: Stainless Steel with Multiple Color Choices

What’s great about the DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle?

Size: The DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle has room for 54 ounces of water, that’s enough to brew coffee or tea for a whole family. For those who just want one cup, they can adjust the water level to whatever suits their needs. This kettle allows you to have ample hot water on demand and never heat up that big stove for a cup of Joe again.

Easy Clean-Up: Because this kettle is made of stainless steel, it can easily be wiped clean. Fingerprints or other smudges are easily removed with a damp cloth. When you’re ready for an exciting creation of your favorite ingredients, all you have to do is put the water inside and turn the DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle on.


Color Options: Everyone has a color scheme in their kitchen. The DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle is customizable to match any décor. This kettle comes in brilliant colors of red, orange, green, magenta, blue, black, white and plain stainless steel. Not everything has to be a boring stainless color, customize the kettle to your décor and watch this piece add instant appeal to your kitchen counter tops.

What’s not so great about the DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle?

Price: The DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle is priced high at $119.99. It does not have any extra features that would warrant such a high price tag. Other models that are in this price range have extra features that make the higher price worthwhile. Some people may not want to pay this much money for a kettle. However, what some people fail to realize is the colorful options are worth the extra money. Still, some will be unable to get over the higher price tag and will look to another model.

Removable Lime Scale Filter: There are so many impurities in water these days that some people are afraid to drink it. The removable lime scale filter in the DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle helps to get rid of impurities in the water, making it safer for drinking. Many other electric kettles don’t have such options and this is great way to ensure that a family is protected.

Cord-Free Operation: No one likes to drag cords around the house. The cord free option allows it to be taken from counter to kitchen table with no problem. Want to have a tea party in the living room and bring the kettle for refills, no problem. The DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle easily comes off its base and allows it to be moved around. It is compact enough that it won’t be any problem carrying it.

Is the DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle a great purchase?

The DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle is a remarkable purchase for the family who loves hot beverages. Rather than getting a cheap model at the store that is made of plastic, this kettle comes in stainless steel and is made well. The bold color choices are perfect for any counter, anywhere. Don’t settle for traditional old steel or black colors, go for a bold color and add a splash of color to your kitchen. The auto shut off feature, once water reaches boiling, is perfect for those who afraid of allowing a kettle to burn dry. The 1.6-Litre capacity and the flip-top designs are other great features that make this kettle worth the price. The removable lime scale filter allows each drink to be perfect, as it removes impurities. Because DeLonghi is a great name brand and everyone needs a cup of tea or coffee sometime, it is the perfect investment for the home.


DeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle