Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler



Have you been plagued by animals (or humans) who come onto your property without an invitation and either leave a little present for you on your lawn, nibble on your plants and produce, or bother you by knocking on the door to sell you something?


For pests in the animal kingdom, there have been a lot of options on the market – mostly failures – products that somehow do more harm than good, like toxic ones that poison the environment. But now the Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler has shaken things up by providing a solution that’s safe, effective, and okay – a little funny to see in action.


This isn’t a sprinkler whose intention is to water your lawn, although that’s a nice side effect. Its goal is to come alive and shoot streams of water whenever your neighbor’s Saint Bernard strolls over into your yard and squats down by your chaise lounge to leave you a gift. Or stray cats in the neighborhood think your lawn is the town litter box.


This non-intrusive gadget (just 17 inches tall) sits anywhere on your property and uses a motion activation system to detect intruders and spray up to 1,000 square feet to frighten the varmint off immediately.


Homeowners who have a big problem with deer coming into their yards and eating their plants have endorsed this product as being one of the only methods that keep deer away. Other products have grotesque odors or are messy to deal with.


It’s just a plastic sprinkler shaft, so if your dirt is rock hard, you’ll need to soften it up a bit in order to place it firmly into the ground. Then, day or night, it will use its 9-volt battery to keep pests away. Some homeowners pair this tool with a timer if they have intruders who like to stop by during dusk or dawn hours.


It comes with a 24-month limited warranty, and although it’s plastic, consumers have been pleased with its overall durability. Most buyers have commented that they’re happy with their purchase, since it doesn’t require you to constantly buy supplies, doesn’t harm anyone or anything, and gives them a few chuckles whenever they witness it working.


You don’t have to set out traps anymore, invest in a hazardous electric fence, or put ugly chicken wire in your yard. The Scarecrow Sprinkler will do the work for you. It doesn’t waste a lot of water, either. The spray is short and powerful, so pests get startled and run off, remembering not to come back and experience that unpleasant situation again.


This motion-activated sprinkler is great for deterring deer, dogs, cats, rabbits, and yes, even annoying door-to-door solicitors. It’s a one-time purchase that can keep your property clean and your outdoor plants protected every day of the year.


Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler